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“Some people would rather stand in the longest supermarket line than A$K for their OWN needs,” says today’s leading authority, multi-million dollar A$K-maker LAURA FREDRICKS who, as Founder & CEO of THE ASK©, puts the world of asking into perspective by teaching everyday audiences how to confidently and successfully ASK for what they need, want and deserve. As such, we thought your readers might like to be amongst the first to sample LAURA’s starter tips on “How to A$K For Your OWN Needs” as featured below.

According to OPRAH, “You get in life what you have the courage to ASK for.” In essence, THE ASK© helps you find and apply what LAURA calls “OPRAH Courage.” Adding, “Asking should come as easily and as naturally as walking, smiling, and breathing. Yet, the fear of ASKING is right up there with fear of heights, public speaking and spiders – the most fearful,” says LAURA, “is ASKING for your OWN needs and for your OWN money.”

LAURA’s solution: If you have the courage, the inspiration and the know-how, you can ASK your way into having the life and career you need, want and deserve – by simply knowing how to A$K for it. Just ASK LAURA how! Her tips, tools and best practices can be used in any facet of everyday life – in finance, careers, health and relationships – and applied instantly at any time, from anywhere. For example,

  • While SUZE ORMAN teaches you how to spend and save money, LAURA teaches you “How to A$K for Money — and More of It”
  • While DR. OZ advocates for your everyday health concerns, LAURA reveals “Questions You Are NOT ASKING Your Doctor That Could Save You $$$”
  • While DR. PHIL negotiates for family resolution, LAURA shows you “How to Take the Fear Out of ASKING for Better Relationships”

How to A$K for Your OWN Needs

I truly believe that the hardest ASK you will ever make is the one you ASK for yourself. Everyone can ask for their children, family, friends, even strangers, but when it comes to asking for yourself, something you REALLY want, it feels like you are at the end of a 3- meter diving board and you just can’t take that leap. Why? Well, there are some very common reasons that many people share and it all comes down to one word – FEAR!

-Fear of Being Rejected is perhaps the most common. If you don’t ASK then there is no possible way you could be rejected. So, you don’t ASK. If you don’t ASK the sales person if you can get your money back for an item you purchased — and you have no sales receipt, well then, you most certainly won’t hear the salesperson say, “I can’t help you” = REJECTION. No one wants to feel “rejected” because it brings up experiences in the past — and who wants to feel that pain again. The best way to put that out of your head and focus on your ASK is to think of it this way: “What is the WORST that can happen?” In this situation you won’t get your money back, but you most certainly aren’t going to get it if you don’t ASK. So, in your head, you have at least a 50-50 chance of getting what you want if you ASK.

-Fear of Hearing “NO” is similar to feeling rejected. But, hearing NO is like slamming a steel door shut with absolutely nowhere to go and feeling depressed and dejected. Let’s say you want your close friend to sponsor you for $500 in your upcoming charity walk. Many people have 10 ways that a close friend will say NO even before making the ASK. Here are 2 tips to put anyone in the right frame of mind. First, say: “I don’t ASK this often and it is important to me.” Let your friend know it is hard for you to ASK, that you don’t make this kind of ASK every day. And, that it is very important to you. Close friends will take the time to consider when they know how important this is to you. Second, keep this in mind: “NO now does not mean NO later.” Even if your close friend cannot sponsor you now, she did not say “NO and I never want you to ask me again.” That is often what we “think” we hear but it is not what is said. Separate what you think you will hear and focus on how you will feel when you make the ASK — and put yourself first for something you truly want and deserve.

-So, use these tips and take the FEAR out of your ASK. As I say, dive in, the waters fine! Here are“Top Ten Reasons Why ASKING Is Good for You”:

  1. ASKING Is Empowering on Every Level
  2. ASKING Leads to $$$$ and Success
  3. ASKING Attracts Like-Minded People to You, Your Passion, Your Life
  4. ASKING Creates Personal Momentum, Enthusiasm and Energy
  5. ASKING Boosts Self-Worth to ASK for Vital Everyday Resources
  6. ASKING Invites Positive and Powerful Outcomes 
  7. ASKING Stops the Second-Guessing by Taking Action
  8. ASKING Turns the Unexpected into Leveraged Opportunity
  9. ASKING Weaves Enjoyment into Tough-to-Discuss Issues
  10. ASKING Enhances Self-Confidence and Personal Pride!

Still unsure “How to ASK”? Simply, send your current predicament directly to LAURA on Twitter at Just ASK LAURA How! For other tips, tools and best practices on other everyday matters, visit the JUST ASK LAURA Blog at www.EXPERTonTHEASK.comTHE ASK© is today’s all-new self-help, motivational series for both women and men who have dreams, goals and a strong desire to have the best and most fulfilling personal and professional life possible. If you have the courage, the inspiration and the know-how, you can ASK your way into having the life and career you need, want and deserve – simply, by knowing how to ASK for it. THE ASK© provides coaching, training and proven best practices to help both women and men build life-enhancing skills.