Artificial intelligence is all around the truth



Today there is a similarly heated debate in the global jobs market regarding AI and machine learning.

Statistics show that in global public opinion, advances in the field of artificial intelligence are directly linked to the level of education, wages, technical skills, and even gender. At a time when policymakers are trying to cope with the rapid changes taking place in the field of technology, it seems

That no one is paying attention to the ground realities. Some workers, laborers, and manpower seem so frightened of the near future that they feel there will be no work for them.

However, despite the unrest and concerns in the manpower markets, experts believe there is no need to worry.

Similar concerns were expressed 250 years ago when the world was entering the first industrial revolution. As they entered the 20th century, their anxiety intensified. However, later their fears proved to be wrong and on the contrary, due to technology, man progressed faster. Read here

Some technology pioneers, innovators, developers, business and policy leaders, researchers, and activists have answered this question for the benefit of experts conducted in the summer of 2018.

Experts predict that network-driven artificial intelligence will not only increase human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities. He talked about the vast possibilities. Artificial intelligence is all around the truth

Artificial intelligence is something that attracts the attention of many enlightened minds around the world. We do not yet know how far they have come. Generally rated any move forward.

Artificial intelligence is something that attracts the attention of many enlightened minds all over the world. We do not yet know how far they have come. Any move forward is usually given rating information, so we only get the news that they want us to have. But some of his progress in this area is now public knowledge.

We know, for example, that they are using artificial intelligence in a variety of repetitive activities. Not long ago, robots will replace humans in these jobs. This will only be the beginning of the coming revolution where the latest equipment will play a central role.

We are still not sure what effect these changes will have on our culture. But what we do know is that just as new technology changes our daily lives, so too do new advances in artificial intelligence. It will bring big changes. It’s all so close that a lot of people think.

Artificial intelligence and looking to the future

Antonio Orb is an expert in psychology and artificial intelligence. He published a book, Anna Mirada Alfioto (Looking to the Future). What he tries to do in this book explains what the world will be like in the short and medium-terms


Putting his other views aside, one thing he certainly says is that many jobs will soon be lost. The first result will be inequality. Some workers will lose their jobs. We will use political, economic, and social means to deal with this new situation.

Man competes with technology

Orbay also says that this could create competition between technology and humans. A large part of the progress made in artificial intelligence will be in the jobs that humans do now. But it will not only apply to the working world, it will also apply to personal life.


They talk about how difficult it would be for humans to adopt new technologies. They will happen very soon, which means we have to be. Permanent adaptation is something that really happens successfully in many individual cases.


But adaptation is not so fast at the societal level. Artificial intelligence moves like a rocket, while societies move at the speed of a bicycle. This can lead to instability and some stress.


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