Are you Dating a Don Draper?


Any Mad Men lover knows that Don Draper is the ultimate womanizer. His good looks, charm, and intelligence may have been enough in the 1960s dating world, but today, savvy women can spot his contradictions before they even meet him in person.


If a modern day Draper signed up for PlentyofFish, his profile would be vague, but here are some tips to navigate through his sparse words.


As a Product Manager with PlentyofFish (, Sarah Gooding has reviewed nearly every type of profile. Here is how she says women of Westchester can read through the details of a Draper-esque dating profile.


  1. Marital Status

    – Quite frankly, this changes too much to be noted on the profile. If possible, today’s Don Draper would withhold his true marital status.

  2. Profession

    – Draper’s identity centers around his job. Expect to see some sort of executive title listed. You’ll definitely be able to find him on LinkedIn too.

  3. Children

    – In spite of appearing noncommittal when it comes to family, a Draper will be loyal, loving, and attentive to children he does have, even if he doesn’t always show it. When Don Draper truly cares about people (think Anna, Peggy, and his kids), he takes care of them. A Draper profile will not hide that he has children.

  4. Intent

    – Online dating sites allow users to indicate if they are looking for a serious relationship, something fun, casual dating, and even marriage. Don Draper might indicate he is looking for a relationship because he wants the outside world to view him as someone who is capable of a relationship, but once you dig a little deeper, perhaps on that first date, you will see signs of his wandering eye.

  5. Education

    – If you don’t see some sort of college degree listed, you are not looking at a modern day Don Draper. His intelligence is part of his charm, and he is going to showcase it.

  6. Income

    – While his steady job also contributes to his charm, Draper would be too respectable to brag about his salary. Income will not be listed anywhere on the profile.

Now the question is: do you date him?

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