Apps for cars that will help you abroad


Mobile apps can make traveling a lot easier and even save you time and money.

A sense of independence and the capacity to autonomously arrange a journey is provided by the car to its owner. Therefore, many tourists rent a car on vacation, especially in big cities like Dubai. Undoubtedly, dubai exotic car rental provides a wide range of different modern cars for rent. Many of the rented cars may already have built-in apps. But what if you do not have time to understand all the functions of a rental car? Then this article is for you.

Here are 8 car apps that will help you on your journey.

In the application, you will be presented with detailed maps of almost all countries and cities in the world. How are these cards different from the rest? These are offline maps. You should download in advance an offline map of the city you need and that’s it. Also in the application, you can make a route, as well as bookmark places of interest to you.


What does a traveler most need when traveling? Maps and the one who would direct them. Well, here, the Redigo application has collected these two functions. Your attention is provided with offline maps of the whole world with a guide.

My Car Locator

An interesting application that will help you find your car. The application is very useful in large parking lots, unfamiliar streets, cities you have never been to, etc. This is the perfect solution for all forgetful and distracted drivers.

HUD AntiRadar

This is a digital speedometer with speed limit reminder function. Secondly, it is a radar detector that warns about cameras fixing traffic rules. Secondly, it is a portable projection display. At night, a smartphone with the application enabled can be placed under the windshield, which, like in a premium car, will display all the necessary information.


A very popular application that allows the driver and passengers to share the cost of the trip. After you set your route and wait for the passengers, Blabla will calculate the average fare per person and a small commission, but with passengers paying you to drive, you still save money. If you regularly drive long distances and take passengers, Blablacar can be a real source of income.

Google Translate and TripLingo

When arriving in another country, it is important to understand what will be discussed when you are contacted, for example, by the police, when they ask you to stop for a routine check, and you will start to get nervous and thus can aggravate the situation.

Therefore, it is best to have the Google Translate or TripLingo app with you. If you have probably heard about the first application, then you may not have heard about the second. The functions are similar, it’s just that the second application may be more convenient for you, and it has fewer supported languages. And in one application, you can translate both in writing and by voice.


When traveling by car, especially in a foreign country, it is important to know where the traffic jams are now so as not to waste time, or maybe plan your day differently. This application will alert you to traffic jams in real time. Also, all the radars and the police will be marked on the paved track so that you are not surprised and do not violate the rules of the road. This application is good because it is the drivers who mark the radars and the police, and other drivers confirm or do not confirm this. So it will be difficult to make a mistake and you are unlikely to find incorrect information there.

These applications will become useful and indispensable for you when traveling by car in another country unfamiliar to you.