ALOHA – Say Hello to Healthy Happiness

green juiceGreens made totally effortless and affordable

We get it. Your green-juice-a-day habit also juices your wallet. Or, turns your morning into a frenzied, kitchen-trashing disaster.

ALOHA’s Daily Good Greens solves both problems—just in time for you to overhaul your habits for a fresh, healthy spring!

Each packet contains two servings of fruits and veggies and dozens of nutrients from hard-to-find superfoods like enoki mushrooms, moringa, and spirulina.

And turning it into a tasty green drink is merely a matter of mixing it into your water glass or tossing it in a smoothie.

Plus, they come in three delicious blends—Original, Berry, and Chocolate.

Stacyknows readers get a free trial, which includes two packets of each blend.

Your wallet and your kitchen will thank you.

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