Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Feta

There are two ways to do this, Air fryer or pan fry. The latter requires two steps.

If you don’t have an air fryer, steam the brussels sprouts until they’re about ⅔ of the way done (you’ll finish them in the pan)


Grab about 3 Cups of halved Brussels sprouts and put them in the air fryer (or steam and then put into a pan)

  • Add 6 tbsp of Avocado Oil over the Brussels sprouts
  • ½ Cup of Pecorino Romano Shreds (or parmesan if you cannot get pecorino)
  • ½ Cup chopped bacon (raw is fine, it’ll cook fast in the air fryer)
  • If you have a Trader Joes nearby, pickup the “Everything but the Elote” seasoning and put a nice 2 Tbsp all over the Brussels sprouts. Alternatively use Mrs Dash Cajun Seasoning
  • Few Dashes of Redmond Real Salt
  • ¼ Medium Sized White Onion
  • 3-4 packets of Stevia (or a tbsp or two of honey, but it might burn)

Let that air fry for about 11 minutes or until the outside of the brussels sprouts are crispy. If you’re not air frying, you might need to add more avocado oil as you pan fry in a cast-iron.

Once the Brussels sprouts have cooled down, add the following:


  • ⅓ Cup Goat Cheese or Sheep Feta (let it just melt into the brussels sprouts