AAPI Heritage Month in May | Asian-Owned Restaurants & Eateries in Times Square

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month which begins on May 1, what better way to support and show solidarity with the AAPI community than to support Asian-owned businesses in New York City.


While Times Square may often be known for its bright lights, tall buildings and chic hotels, the backbone of the district remains with small businesses and there are many – including 653 storefront businesses, 310 of which are F&B, and 173 full-service restaurants.


There are many AAPI-owned businesses and restaurants in the Times Square District that have continued to navigate (and even open) during the pandemic including Silky Kitchen located at 136 West 46th Street as a new fast casual. Owner Simon Sheh serves authentic Hunan style dishes of Central China including spicy soup noodles and dumplings. The menu is based on 16 toppings, a combination of rice, and rice noodles, and of course preferred spice level.


In addition, the popular fast-casual Chinese spot Junzi recently reopened, where guests can customize noodle bowls or bing (Chinese-style pancakes) by picking out fresh ingredients at the counter, along with Ichiran celebrated for their tonkatsu ramen, the Korean fast-casual Red Poke and Bibble and Sip – known for their daily fresh baked desserts including adorable animal-themed macaroons and sweet treats.


For a full list of small businesses in Times Square, visit www.timessquarenyc.org