The 9 Rules of Lean Eating

Make theses your lifestyle and you will succeed.

lean eating

The good news is that lean eating does not mean complicated eating…it just means eating smart

Literally if you follow these nine rules you will be lean as hell and be in the best shape of your life.

It’s really nine simple rules and nothing more.

Let’s jump right into it!

1. Eat the RIGHT Type of Carbs
There is a hierarchy for which carbs have a place in a lean diet and which carbs will only fatten you up. The success of your eating plan rests on which of these carbs you regularly include in your diet.

Green Vegetables
Non-Green Vegetables
2. Track What You Eat
The only way to improve upon your diet is to actually know what you’re currently eating. Keep a food journal, or download a free food tracker app, (lose it rocks! and input all of the calories that you consume over the course of a week. This will give you a look at where your low quality calories are coming from (high sugar, empty calories).


Do it!

3. Space Meals Apart
Much has been said over the past decades about the importance of eating small frequent meals throughout the day.

Stick with 3 meals each day, and fill in a protein-based snack if your meals are going to be more than 4 hours apart.

4. Never Restrict Calories to the Extreme
The idea that one can drop a down a size or two in just as many weeks is quite tempting. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but extreme calorie restriction NEVER WORKS. It’s terrible for your body and it is not something that is sustainable (namely because you’d starve to death) so the pendulum inevitably swings in the other direction, resulting in binges.

The key to being lean for life is to eat in a way that you can sustain forever. Eat whole foods. Eat a moderate amount of the RIGHT calories. Every day, ongoing, forever. Go for it!

5. Eat Veggies First
This may go against all of your instincts, but hear this one out. When you sit down to a meal first eat all of the veggies and salad, before moving on to the main dish. This simple strategy helps to fill you up with lower calorie foods first, before moving on to the higher calorie items.

By making this a habit you’ll naturally and effortlessly consume fewer calories at each meal, which will add up in a big way. Best asmr massage for your ears. Try it!

6. Include Protein at Every Meal
Each of your meals should be built around a healthy serving of protein. This protein could be meat (chicken breast, fish fillet, roasted turkey, braised beef etc) eggs, or protein powder.

Having protein as the focal point of your meal is important because your fueling up in a way that builds muscles rather than stores fat. Protein go go!

7. Ban Liquid Calories
Liquid calories have no place in a lean eating plan. No place at all!! Anytime that you are drinking calories, it’s safe to assume that you’re adding inches to your waistline. Put down the beer, just say no to the blended coffee drink, and forget about fully loaded soda!!!

Filtered water and unsweetened tea are both wonderful alternatives to calorie-laden beverages.

8. Avoid Prepackaged Foods
Prepackaged foods and snacks have no place in a lean eating plan. These processed foods contain numerous fattening ingredients such as refined sugar, sodium, grains, fillers and other artificial crap!!

If you are currently eating packaged foods on a daily basis, then cutting these items out will quickly translate into pounds lost. Try it now!!

Last but NOT least…

9. Watch negative self talk

The difference between the successful people that lose weight and unsuccessful people that DON’T lose weight
Is in the battle of the mind.

Lastly, it’s important to understand, that setting big goals is important as well.

It’s that simple!

Listen to what thoughts come in because most likely if you believe those thoughts and they are negative, THEY WILL stop  you from progressing in your your fat loss and you will cave-in or Sabotage and never get lean!!