8 Tips to Replenish Your Mind and Body at Work


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For those working in typical office jobs, things can get difficult to manage as they need to sit for up to 8 hours at a stretch. Besides a few staff meetings that give them an opportunity to move around, they hardly make any physical effort to move around during office hours.
Replenishing the mind and body at work is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Below are listed some tips that will help you to replenishing the mind and body, even when at work.

1.) Giving yourself a break
Giving yourself a break every half an hour is a wonderful way of relaxing your mind and body. You need not disturb others at work but can move to a corner of the office and take a while recapitulating on what you have done so far. This will freshen you up for the next round of work and ensure that you are able to contribute your maximum to the work.
2.) Have a meditation schedule
Another viable thing that you can do to reduce the stress levels at work is to include meditation in your daily schedule. It will not take much of your time and you will feel rejuvenated for rest of the day. Start by having a 5-minute break from the work schedule and meditate. This can be done sitting on your desk and you can choose any appropriate time of the day for meditation. As you make it a regular feature, you will notice that your work efficiency will increase and you will be able to contribute in a better way to your work.
3.) Perform some stretching exercise
Stretching helps in blood circulation and makes you much prepared to deal with the challenges at work. It is recommended that some stretching exercises be performed every hour to soothe the muscles and prepare your body to deal in a better way with the challenges that you face at work.
4.) Have people friendly furniture at work
This is a vital component of relaxing your mind and body that can increase the productivity of the office if you are looking for increasing the same. The chairs and tables should be designed in such a manner so that the employees can sit in a relaxing posture while doing work. Many a times people complain of backache owing to the chairs that are being used in office.
Invest in people friendly furniture and you will note that the productivity of your office will increase manifold.
5.) Take some green tea
You must be having some tea while at work. Not all of tea have health benefits. Try taking some green tea as this has imminent health benefits. The long term benefits of green tea will be in form of reduction in chances of one suffering from heart diseases and stroke.
Immediate benefits will be in form of lowering of stress levels which have always been thought of as causing productivity loss at work. Make it a habit to include green tea in your daily work schedule and you will notice some positive change in your work habits.
6.) Try having a coffee shop
If you are an employer, you might be worried with the reducing work levels at office. Stress owing to imminent work pressures make things tough for a person. Coffee is an excellent anti oxidant that not only boosts productivity levels but increases work efficiency of people.
Try investing in a coffee counter in your office and you will notice that people in your office will work to the maximum of their capacities and will remain fresh all the while too.
7.) Listen to some music

Though listening to music at work is not advisable, it is an established fact that music reduces the stress levels. The best course of action to pursue is to listen to some music occasionally. You can keep few minutes during the lunch break for this task and listen to your favorite music daily. You will notice that your stress levels have decreased and you will feel rejuvenated for the second half of the day.
8.) Take a walk
After lunch you can head out from office and take a small round of the campus. This will not only help you digest the food but will also help you straighten your legs. You will feel a lot more relaxed and will be in a better position to deal with eventualities at work.
Keeping yourself rejuvenated and fresh for a hard day at work is not a tough task and in case you follow the above listed steps you will find this task an easy take.
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