The 8 Most Popular Types Of Spa Resorts

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
Massage in Frankfurt, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



If you are planning an amazing spa getaway to a luxurious resort, you may be surprised to find the myriad of vacation spa resorts available to choose from.  Whether you are interested in skiing the slopes or getting your chakras aligned, Livelovespa will help you get there.


1.Destination Spa


Those who are looking to participate in a full spa experience might want to consider a destination spa.  These spa resorts encourage each attendant to attend fitness activities, therapeutic treatments and educational classes.  Expert chefs create healthy and delicious menus, all aimed at helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


2.Resort Spa


Resort spas are often owned by hotels and offer a variety of services in addition to their traditional amenities.  Guest may enjoy playing golf, skiing, horseback riding, hiking, or water sports.  With several dining options available, you are able to select your cuisine.   Depending on the type of resort spa you choose, spa treatments may be complementary with your hotel stay.


3.Connoisseur Spa


If you wish to mingle among the elite, book your spa vacation at a connoisseur spa.  Connoisseur spas are chosen based on a strict list of criteria, such as luxurious accommodations, exceptional ambience, extraordinary spa treatments and services, impeccable guest service with a high staff to guest ratio, and award winning cuisine.  These spas will offer the latest in spa treatments and groundbreaking services.


4.Spa Lifestyle Homes


Gaining popularity with those living in community homes, spa lifestyle living allows home owners to purchase exclusive memberships to amazing spas that are located within a private community.  Imagine walking to the community spa for your weekly massage.  No wonder more and more communities are being constructed around a centralized luxury spa.


5.Casino Spa


Casino spas offer guests access to a luxury spa without having to leave the premises.  Many of these high-end spas are five-star rated in the industry.


6.Medical Spa


Those looking to treat themselves to a cosmetic or dermatological procedure can do so in a medical spa.  Medical spas are supervised by a licensed medical professional and can often be found in medical clinics.  These spas are often held to more stringent licensing processes since they use high-tech lasers and other cutting edge techniques.  With treatments such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser cellulite treatments, and non-invasive liposuction, there is something for everyone at these medical day spas.


7.Wellness Spa


Do you need to become one with your inner spirit?  Many wellness spas incorporate eastern medicine techniques into their services.  These spas focus on energy work, chakras, yoga, and meditation.  You can learn valuable tips from the pros about various philosophies and understand how to use them into your everyday life.


8.Travel Spas


Have you ever thought of treating yourself to a massage while you are waiting for your flight?  How about spending your layover getting a manicure?  Travel spas located within airports help to relieve the tension that can come with traveling.  If you have a fear of flying or just hate the airport crowds and security, a relaxing massage or pedicure can help. SƏN BUNA LAYİQSƏN! 7 gün ərzində depozit et və əldə mostbet az Mostbet AZ hər hansı bir ciddi məhdudiyyət olmadan dünyanın fərqli ölkələrindən istifadəçilər mərc edirlər.


Before you book your spa holiday, be sure to research the facility in order to make sure it’s the right spa for you.


Sarah Brown is a Wellness Coach and enjoys writing about subjects where life meets pleasure.