8 Best Practices To Help The People In Need


Thousands of kids are going hungry these days due to the current situation around the world mainly because of the Covid19 pandemic. Many people are losing their jobs and are not being able to afford food and supplies. Being courteous human beings we have a role to play to uplift, help, and support the children, youngsters, and olds who are suffering and bearing the loss every day. Listed below are the ways to show our concern and support them to live a normal life.

1. Contribute Generously

One of the most easy and common ways to help the needy is to give charity and donate as much or as little as possible to support the poor and provide them with basic necessities of life especially food. No kid hungry organization in the USA is feeding plenty of children each day with your donations and making a sincere effort to make sure that no child sleeps empty stomach in the country. Anyone can donate without taking the hassle of going to places and serving the purpose.

2. Try and contribute monthly

We should always try to practice monthly donations. We can set a certain day in a month for giving charity. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, even 50 dollars help

3. Start an awareness program

Even if you don’t have the power or money to give charity you can inculcate awareness amongst the society to help the needy by giving away brochures, initiate public talks around their issues, and find solutions for their problems.

4.Social Media campaigning

With the growing popularity of social media in the world, we can easily help and raise awareness. We can open up online pages and promote awareness programs and help people learn about new ways to contribute and donate to the needy. These pages can be opened up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or simply where you can get more of a following to raise funds to help the ones in need.

5. Share a motivational story

Sharing motivating stories on these platforms of people who had food insecurities in the past and how they lived their lives during the hard times, tends to soften people’s hearts and encourage them to donate generously.

6. Initiate fundraising programs

This is a hard task compared to the rest but if you have enough money and power to satisfy and prove the cause of fundraising then the program can be productive. We can set up marathons and other competitions by setting the winning prize as a donation to a renowned charity organization. Other than this fundraising programs can be carried out in schools by having a bake sale, face painting stalls, and other activities.

7. Volunteer in programs

Volunteering in fundraising programs is very satisfying and indulging because you are working for a great cause. You can help the people who come to the event by explaining to them the mission and how you help the poor and persuade them into helping as well.

8. Contact the government

This is unarguably the hardest method as normal people have a lot of difficulty in contacting the government but luckily if you do contact them you can share your views on how to reduce world poverty.


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