7 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Germany On Your Next Overseas Trip



Germany tends to not be on many people’s bucket list for traveling. They think it is sort of an old, outdated place, and considering it’s only about the size of Montana, not a very big place to see much in. But there are so many great towns, cities, and activities that you can do in Germany. With the diverse culture, amazing attractions and historical landmarks, it has multiple things to offer its visitors. If you’re planning to travel to another country soon, or if it is your first time traveling internationally, here are some really great reasons why Germany should be at the top of your list. 


The Festivals, Of Course!

Everyone has heard of Oktoberfest, which is a really exciting festival that you can attend in Munich with feasts, music, and of course, beer. There are other traditional festivities and events that you should look into attending. For instance, if you’re interested in films or filmmaking, Berlin hosts its own Film Festival, with over 400 projectors for your viewing pleasure. There is also a historical book fair in Frankfurt that boasts as the largest in the world. The medieval festival in September or the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth are a couple of others you can look into as well. There are many exciting events you can attend.


The Historical Sights

There are some truly fantastic landmarks to see in Germany. German castles, the Berlin Wall, and the famous Tiergarten park are a few you should have on your list of sights. You can also explore the history in the city of Nuremberg and all of the beautiful things to take in there including the architecture and large range of churches. There is also the unique traditions in Bavaria, with town halls that date back to the 16th century. If you visit Frankfurt, you can visit the old City Hall and Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which have both impressive architecture and history.


The Fine Arts

If you are interested in what the fine arts have to offer in a new country, then there are not many better places to visit. Germany has over three hundred hundred theatres, more than one hundred professional orchestras and collections of famous pieces. There are also plenty of museums right in Berlin. Even though you may not be that interested in taking in fine arts, you will definitely be in awe at some of the masterpieces that you will come across in Germany.


The Food

There will be so much delicious food in Germany for you to enjoy. The over 1,000 types of bratwursts, the meatloaf, bread, soups, potatoes, and stews are all worth the stomach-ache you will don after eating your way through different pubs, washing eat delicious meal down with a stein. Some of the most popular dishes include a schnitzel, which are boneless chops of meats that can be breaded and served with chips, fried eggs or onions; maultaschen, which are dumplings stuffed with various meats and cooked in broth; and falscher hase which is a simple casserole dish. 


The Safety and Security

Germany, believe it or not, is actually one of the safest countries in Europe. Crime rates are low, and the risk for travelers is almost non-existent. Germans tend to be hospitable by nature and will be there to help if you are having any difficulties whether it be with the language or finding a specific location. English is a fairly common language in Germany so chances are you won’t have too much trouble, many Germans are proud to know the language and will even answer you in English if they can tell you are struggling. No matter how safe, though, you’ll want to fully prepare prior to your trip to ensure you have all necessary documents with you while abroad. Don’t forget to ensure your visa or passport is valid before your trip. Favisbook connects you with the consulate of Germany so that you can be sure to have all the proper documents in hand and practice safe travels.


The Many Activities to Choose From

There are so many things that you can partake in when you visit Germany. The Bavarian Alps are a popular place for skiing or snowboarding during winter, and also a location that shares the border with Austria. You can also explore the Black Forest, which is a gorgeous part of the country for hiking or mountain biking. There are river cruises you can go on, trains you can travel on, and multiple resorts designated for your relaxation and enjoyment while visiting.


The People

What defines a country better than the people in it? In Germany, you will find many people loving life and enjoying themselves. There are probably some not-so-great people in Germany just like there would be anywhere, but any of the Germans that you speak with or ask help from are going to be more than friendly. You can bet to have many positive experiences with those that you meet. They are even listed as one of the friendliest countries in the world. If you struggle for conversation topics, just remember Germans really love their football – just remember that’s soccer for us Americans.


Whatever your reason for traveling, it is a wonderful option to consider Germany as your first stop. Culture, fun events, and festivals, diversity, as well as ease of transition to a new place, can create a stress-free vacation when you travel to this amazing country. Since so many other countries border Germany (Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and France to name a few!), you have the wonderful option of starting your journey in Germany and working your way to other exciting places within Europe.