6 Items to Add in Your Living Room to Make It Extra Cozy


Winter is fast approaching and that means we’re all going to need a little extra coziness someday soon. When it comes to home decor most aims are objective and easily measurable. It’s obvious what makes a room feel clean and minimalist. It’s obvious what makes a room feel rustic or modern.



When it comes to improving the coziness of a room, things get a little more subjective. What is comforting to one person isn’t’ always going to be comforting for another. This being said, the following will attempt to break down some of the things that you can try out in your living room to improve how cozy and welcoming it feels to you.

Go A Little Green

House plants are an excellent addition to any room in your house. They are beautiful to look at, but that’s not why they are on this list. A big part of feeling cozy, is minimizing the stress you feel in a space and as it turns out, house plants help reduce stress. Given how many different types of plants there are available, this is a particularly helpful one, as there is going to be at least one house plant that suits your style and tastes.

Think About Cushions

This one almost goes without saying. Scattering soft, fluffy items across your sofa and chairs can make any seat in your living room more comfortable. The experts at Simply Cushions suggest you might even want to consider trying out floor pillows, which allow people to use the space more flexibly. A child might sit beside the coffee table while they color, an adult might snuggle up with a beloved pet on the floor. Nothing is more inviting than feeling like you’re able to sit or lay anywhere you want in a room. And feeling welcome is a big part of feeling cozy.

Consider A New Paint Color

You might be surprised to learn how intense colors affect our mental states. Study after study has shown that colors change our moods, our creativity, and our productivity. It might be worth taking the time to do a little research into color psychology to help you determine whether your paint is boosting coziness or reducing it. Of course, if you or someone who will be spending a lot of time in the room is pregnant, put a painting on.

Include Some Warm Lighting

Take a moment to consider the lightbulbs you are using. Many people don’t put much thought into the lighting in their homes, but this can make a big difference in how cozy your space feels. Lightbulbs tend to be inexpensive and come in a variety of temperatures. Lightbulbs that emit a blue or white light are referred to as cold, whereas lightbulbs that emit a yellow or orange light are called warm. If you don’t feel like tweaking the lightbulbs in your space, you can look into a new lamp that will give you the option of warmer lighting when you feel like it, but leave the overhead lights nice and bright for when you’re hunting for the lost remote control

Surround Yourself With Books


Leaving your books out on display adds the warmth of a bygone era when the living room had no screens in it. Not only do books look gorgeous, but you might find yourself reading a little more than usual as well (you might even find your children flipping through the pages occasionally). While there are countless coffee table books available, the coziness is amped up when the books are mysteries, fantasies, and classic novels.

Swap Out Your Coffee Table

If you’ve ever been to a home that uses an oversized ottoman instead of a coffee table, you already know how welcoming it is. This switch is particularly inviting because it says to family members and visitors that it’s okay for them to put their feet up. It is an invitation to truly unwind and get comfortable and because of this, it brings a new level of coziness to any room.

By including the above six things, you are well on your way to having a cozier living room. The feeling of a space is much harder to identify than the style. When considering including items to create a certain ambiance, use all of your senses to help you make the decision. Sometimes the most beautiful looking rug isn’t the one that feels the best on your feet when you have just woken up and are wandering around half asleep with a cup of coffee in hand.


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