6 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Having a great product or service is imperative, of course. However, even it might seem weird, it is not the most important thing for establishing your brand. How is that so? Because you first have to introduce your brand to the public, so they get to know it in the first place. These six techniques are vital for increasing your brand awareness.

Unique branded package

The first contact between your customer and your product starts much earlier before they start using it. To increase your brand awareness, you have to present your brand in the right way, through the design and graphics of the package. It is a great branding opportunity you’re not allowed to miss. On top of that, with an excellent and well-designed product package, you will be able to create an emotional connection with consumers. Finally, you will set your brand apart from the competition, even if your product doesn’t differ that much from theirs.


You want the customer to remember your brand visually. That is the first precondition for creating awareness. Putting stickers and labels on your products is a great way to achieve it. However, you want those labels to look unique and exciting. First of all, you have to put a logo on it, and a strong message regarding the quality of your product or brand. One powerful sentence is more than enough. Afterwards, take care of the design. Unless you are a professional, don’t do it yourself. Hire an expert or a design agency to create those labels. It is a crucial part of creating brand awareness, and you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in it.

Advertising efforts

Advertising is crucial for establishing brand recognition and awareness, and also for running the business at any stage. You need to put a lot of effort into both online and offline marketing. Social media (Facebook and Instagram) and Google ads are vital for building brand awareness. Research the best keywords in your business niche and optimize images for your ads. As a result, you will soon start increasing leads and improving sales. On the other hand, offline efforts are equally relevant. Sponsor local events and conferences whenever you can. Find the best business card printing service before the event, and make sure you have all other promotional material and products (t-shirts, pens, etc.). These opportunities are great for establishing your brand.

Great website and social media activity

Again, your customers don’t get to know your brand when they see the product. It happens much earlier. Every customer will go to your website before they decide to purchase or not. That’s why you have to take care of every single part of the website. Provide useful content, invest in an attractive design, and secure the fastest customer service. Your social media presence is equally important. Besides ads, you have to deliver engaging posts on every social media channel continually. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and always reply to comments. Also, try to use the best photos, videos, and infographics since the visual element is often more important than writing.

SEO strategies

Organic reach is equally crucial for your brand awareness as advertising. You have to reach a broader audience continually, and that’s why you have to invest in SEO efforts. Your position and ranking on Google is essential for multiple keywords in your niche. Therefore, hire a team of employees or a marketing agency to do this job for you (if you are not familiar with it). They will find the best strategies and make the right moves, hopefully. Regarding this step, it is vital to be patient and not rush moves and decisions. SEO takes time, and you can’t be on top of Google overnight.

Partnerships with the best brands

Partnerships with other great brands from your niche are super useful for increasing brand awareness. Collaborate with them on creating a product and organize contests and giveaways together. Those relationships could be long-lasting and very beneficial for both parties.

Whatever your business niche is, it is essential to provide equal attention to each of these steps. Online advertising is equally as crucial as labeling or providing branded packages. Therefore, find the right people and focus on all areas of promoting and increase your brand awareness as soon as you can.


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