5 Ways Women Can Take Charge of Their Healthcare

Women have their own unique healthcare needs that sometimes can be overlooked either by you or your healthcare providers. While the medical community has made great strides to close the gap between the sexes, there is still work to be done. In the meantime, here are five things you can do to take control of your own healthcare.

Speaking Up

There’s something about a doctor’s office that makes sharing intimate details seem difficult. It might be because you’re wearing a paper gown or simply because you only visit your provider once a year. Whatever the reason, it’s important to speak up about any medical concerns you have and make sure those concerns are taken seriously. Explain your issues so that the doctor understands the severity and scope of the problem, and don’t be afraid to change providers if you feel you’re simply being ignored.

Researching Alternative Treatments

Know all of your options when it comes to any ailment or treatment, even if it isn’t part of your doctor’s regular protocol. For example, some women don’t know that there is a procedure for abortion pill reversal or natural alternative methods to conceiving that don’t require invasive procedures. Of course, you should always consult a physician before going forward with any treatments, but being armed with the knowledge that they exist can help if you find yourself in those situations.

Ditching the Scale

Health and fitness need to be a priority in your life, but losing weight doesn’t always have to be. Many times, women become distracted by weight loss goals rather than focusing on the benefits of good health and wellness. If you find yourself dieting frequently or engaging in practices to lose weight that impact your overall health, now is the time to ditch the scale. Instead, set other goals for yourself, such as eating more fruits and vegetables or increasing exercise stamina rather than worrying about how many pounds you’ve lost.

Hiring a Midwife

When it comes to giving birth, many women opt for the services of a midwife for the added emotional support and consultation time they can offer. In addition, midwives are often open to alternative methods of giving birth and may assist with home births. Since they can take a more holistic approach to care and giving birth, women often feel more in control of their reproductive health in the hands of a trained midwife.

Scheduling Recommended Tests

Women are busy. Between juggling school, career, family, children and the myriad of other responsibilities, they can often let their own health screenings go. Even if it seems like an inconvenience, it’s essential to schedule any recommended tests for your age or stage in life. Many types of cancer can be significantly easier to treat if caught early enough, and those tests your doctor recommends are designed to catch any signs as early as possible. If you consider that a serious illness left to spread unchecked could take you away from your responsibilities for longer, you’ll see that you can’t afford to miss them.

Women have made great strides in many facets of life. However, what women need most is to take charge of their healthcare for a long, healthy, happy life.