5 Ways to throw a Singles party that Rocks

TV’s Favorite Event Planner Declares Feb 15 Single’s Awareness Day

Ahhh love is in the air! Or, is it? Valentine’s Day can be the most depressing day of the year for anyone without a love interest, so why not celebrate Single’s Awareness Day. So you are thinking, well that is cliché.


However, it doesn’t have to be on February 14, celebrate it the day after says celebrity event planner and TV star Brian Worley, co-founder of Your-Bash and TV’s favorite event planner and LA’s man about town.


Brian Morley

Worley is known for his over the top and memorable style and has been the voice of everything from E!’s Party Monsters Cabo, to WE TV’s ‘Platinum Weddings, to The Style Channel’s ‘Big Party Plan Off’. From American Idol Parties, to the Oscar Pre-Show and Grammy After Party Worley says the key is to NOT go with tradition.


So, what does Worley suggest for a Sunday Valentine’s Day Bash on 2.15.15?



5 Ways to throw a Singles party that Rocks

1. Invitees: It is all about the Single: Invite single friends only and each person needs to bring a new single friend. Make sure there are an equal number of guys and gals to mix up the fun. So where do you find these singletons? Your social network – Invite people in your social circle on Facebook or maybe you have common friends but you don’t know them. Now, is your chance to branch out and invite them.

  1. Décor: Forget about Pink and Red: A little played out isn’t it? Well this year try turquois and orange. Let’s think a little bit more about that décor. A star is defined as a bright point of light in the sky or a five-sided drawing that is meant to resemble the points of light in the sky. So you can have star shaped sugar cookies – green with vanilla icing packaged up as a parting gift.
    Or, do the whole party around the opposites of what people think. For example,

    – Not roses…Rather thistle
    – Not chocolate…Bring out the steak
  2. 3. Play list of music: Just forget all those love songs and bring out the real fun jams! Such as All the Single Ladies.
    4. Food / Beverages: Keep it fun and flowing. The opposite of chocolate is vanilla so why not add some vanilla touches. And, make sure the food is fun – Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches are easy to make and always a big hit.
    5. Invitation – And, don’t forget about the invite. How about setting the theme in advance by sending the party goer a puzzle piece and they then have to find the person that has the other piece of the puzzle.