5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Extra Special



Beyond all the circus-like festivities and grandeur encapsulating today’s weddings, there’s one significant describing factor your wedding should achieve: that it is extra special. The decorations fade and the makeup dies down, but the feelings of what it was like celebrating the biggest day of your life remain.

For couples, it’s just natural for them to work their hardest to make their day meaningful and memorable. There are many ways to inject a lot of life, fun, and uniqueness into it, along with remembering the couple’s personal touches.

You can surely take your wedding up a notch higher with comprehensive planning. It starts today with this list of strategies worth exploring, so your wedding day can be the best you’ll imagine.


Hire A Top-Notch Wedding Videographer

The wedding ceremony and reception may only be a couple of hours, but the memories from that extra special day are forever. They’ll surely be etched in your mind for a long time, but a few years down the road, you could use a lot of help in remembering the details of that most significant day of your life.

This fact is precisely why a Vancouver wedding videographer and photographer are must-haves in a wedding. Don’t skimp on your choice. Do your research well to hire at least a top-notch wedding videographer. They’ll carry expertise and equipment that other wedding videographers won’t have, capturing every single detail, big or small.

Make your checklist as to what qualities you’re looking for in a videographer. Then, compare to see which among those you’re keen on hiring ticks the most.


Invite The Ones Closest To You

Don’t be one of those couples who invite two hundred people to their wedding, but some guests aren’t even close to you. It doesn’t matter if you only have fifty guests, for as long as each is dear and special to you.

Sit through this process very seriously as a couple when deciding on your wedding size and who will make it on your guest list. Think of those who have been special to you as a couple, who have been instrumental to your love story, and whose presence you’d feel pleased to have.


Work Through The Seating Chart Very Meticulously

A yawn and an ‘I’m-desperate-to-get-out-of-here’ face are the last things you want to see at your wedding. It’s, however, expected if you seat your guests randomly. There’ll always be that spare seat a late guest will have no choice but to take, even if they know no one at that table.

Avoid this from happening by working very meticulously through your seating charts. Have your high school batch at one table, college buddies at another, relatives at one, and so on. Doing this is one thoughtful step that makes your wedding extra special, as it keeps all guests happy and comfortable. There’s no awkwardness nor any itch to get this day over with.


Hire A Band

Once the formality of the wedding ceremony is over, now comes the fun of the wedding reception. Choose your entertainment wisely, as a well-chosen one is fundamental to keeping the party alive. So, the need to hire a band for your wedding party is reasonable.

There could be a local band you’re very fond of as a couple; go for them if available and within the budget. Why settle for pre-recorded songs when you can have the best through playing live music instead?


Surprise Guests With A Food Truck At The End Of The Party

Chances are, after all that fun and dancing, your guests will go hungry as they leave, making them do a drive-thru before heading home. Be that gracious host by surprising your guests with something they may not expect: a food truck with burgers, pizza, juice, water, and fries would be a great idea!

It’s unnecessary, but it’ll surely make your wedding memorable. With that, you can be the couple who takes care of your guests throughout your wedding celebration.


Say ‘I Do’ To Giving Your Big Day Some Added Love

Sure, you’ve been a guest at someone’s wedding too. Yes, it may be something you felt that needed more personality and fun to seem remarkable. It doesn’t matter if a wedding is complete with all the fanfare; if it feels too generic and commercialized, there’s no way it will be memorable. Don’t let the same thing happen to yours. There are so many ways to ensure your wedding day is extra special every step of the way. End the day not only with fireworks but with a heart full of love, gratitude, and contentment, as you’re pleased knowing your wedding was nothing short of remarkable.