5 Ways to Get More Hits From Your Disposable Vape


Whether you’re an experienced vaper who feels like they’re not quite getting the same hit as before or simply a novice who thinks the e-liquids they try don’t tend to meet their expectations, anyone can get dissatisfied with their hits from time to time. But in case disposable vapes are your preferred option, getting a higher hit count can be quite a challenging task, as disposables are generally produced in a way that will make your vaping experience as straightforward as possible. However, there are still some ways you might be able to get more powerful and impactful puffs, thus needing fewer hits overall. Here’s how:

Change your style of vaping

Although this might not be able to increase the hit count, simply changing up your vaping style could help to enhance the aroma, thus providing a more fulfilling experience. For instance, as dehydration has been known to affect the taste buds, drinking some water before you start vaping, particularly in the morning, might help to activate your senses.

Similarly, sucking on a citrus fruit could allow you to cleanse your palate, helping with the infamous ‘vaper’s tongue’, while simply unblocking your nose could instantly improve the overall flavor in case you are dealing with a cold or seasonal allergies.

Opt for a higher nicotine content

While nicotine might not help with the number of hits either, it will directly impact the throat hit you get from each puff, making the vape that much more powerful. Simply put, the higher the nicotine content in an e-liquid, the stronger of a hit you will get, as well as a potential richer flavor.

However, a higher nicotine percentage can come with its own side effects such as dizziness and nausea, apart from simply being a poor choice for those who want to minimize their nicotine intake. For these reasons, choosing disposable vapes with higher nicotine counts should always be done with caution.

Choose higher-quality products

If you’re used to buying the cheapest disposable vapes solely due to their low price, then you simply can’t be surprised if they don’t live up to your expectations. Such a cost can often be justified with poor battery life, low puff count, and even the use of damaging tobacco in some instances, all of which might explain why you feel like you aren’t getting enough hits.

Instead, your goal should be to find the best disposable vape pen on the market that offers a safe and powerful tobacco-free experience. Apart from utilizing pharmaceutical-grade nicotine that helps to enhance the flavor, these high-quality products tend to provide an equivalent of four packs of cigarettes, truly the most hits you can expect from a disposable vape.

Check the PG/VG e-liquid ratio

Apart from nicotine and the aroma, most vapes are made up of two very important ingredients: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Each disposable vape will usually have unique PG and VG levels, and choosing the most suitable ratio for your needs could help to improve your vaping experience.

In case you’re looking for a stronger hit and a more powerful experience overall, whether it be slightly or quite significantly enhanced, it’s generally advised to look for disposable vapes with a higher PG content. However, it all comes down to trial and error.

Experiment with new flavors

E-liquid aromas might be able to affect the throat hit as well, although in a less noticeable way. But a simple change in flavor could be enough for some to improve their vaping experience by making each puff more impactful, thus needing fewer hits overall.

If you want a smoother and richer aroma, for example, then you might want to try something like chocolate or coffee, white mint, and other cool flavors that might help to deliver a stronger hit for those who need it. On the other hand, something overly sweet such as cookie, bubble gum, and fruity aromas could deliver that very powerful hit you are searching for.

While it can be quite difficult to get a higher number of hits from an average disposable vape, there are evidently ways you could improve and maximize your overall vaping experience, just by following the helpful advice mentioned above.


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