5 Ways to Choose the Best Home Design for Your Family

Designing a house for your family requires more than just looking at home plans. Every family is different which requires customizing things to fit your family now and in the future. There may be additional children planned for the future and older children my be on the verge of becoming independent and moving out on their own.


The size of the lot your house will be built upon could determine the length and width of the house. City building codes will also have to be taken into consideration. The surrounding homes in the neighborhood will also need to be taken into consideration when designing a new house. Great display homes is a good place to find house designs that blend in with other homes yet still have a touch of uniqueness.


The Kitchen Should be Fluid


A kitchen should be designed so everything works together. It should have ample counter space for preparing food and small appliances. There needs to be enough cabinet space for both food storage and places to put cooking pans and dishes in. Most kitchens have a microwave oven that takes up a good sized area. The counter should also have a place for a slow cooker which gets a great deal of use in most families. A coffee maker is also very common in most families and will also need a place on the counter. Proper venting to release cooking odors is also a requirement.


The refrigerator should be near a counter for food preparation. This saves the distance food is carried and lessens the chance of spills. Installing the dishwasher near the sink helps save time during cleanup. The cook stove should be situated away from the refrigerator so it will not absorb heat making it run more often.


The center island should function both as a table where the family can eat and food preparation. An ample supply of charging stations should be built into the base of the island since most children nowadays have their own cell phone. A television should be mounted where it is visible from the eating area. Families love their entertainment and the kitchen has always been a great place to hang out.


The kitchen should be placed near the entryway, which makes it more convenient when carrying groceries in. There should be adequate windows located to help keep the cooking area well lit. The sunshine coming into a kitchen will help elevate the mood of everyone visiting.


A Great Family Room


After the kitchen, the family room is the most popular place to hang out in a home. Family members, relatives, and friends all gravitate here. This is where most of the action is, with a television, gaming systems, and surround sound for a great movie experience.


This should be furnished with lounge chairs, over-sized pillows, and thick throw rugs for comfortable seating and laying around watching television. It can be equipped with a pool table and stand-up video games for the hardcore enthusiast. This is where the kids will do their homework and the adults can relax at a small built-in bar. A mini fridge should be installed to save many trips to the kitchen. A family room should be well designed for fun and entertainment for the whole family.


A Convenient Laundry Room


Laundry rooms used to be put in the basement far away from the living area. This was done for the purpose of keeping noise from the machines from the rest of the house. Carrying laundry up and down basement stairs is a chore that most people do not want anymore. With homes being better insulated and more soundproofing in the walls available, locating the laundry room where it is most convenient makes the most sense.


Locating the room for laundry should be located near the bedrooms or kitchen, with the bedrooms being the most likely location. This is where the dirty clothes accumulate and the clean ones are stored. If the bedrooms are located upstairs with the laundry room being downstairs, installing a chute to the laundry would be a great addition. Kids would love dumping their clothes into a chute which would save many trips carrying laundry down stairs.


Bedrooms Should be Simple


The placement of bedrooms is one of the most important aspects of house design. The master bedroom should be located away from traffic going in and out of the house. The bathroom and closet should be easily accessible with doorways wide enough to carry items through. The closet should be well designed with efficiency in mind. Clothes and shoes should be accessed without having to dig through clutter.


A bedroom should have enough space fro the bed, television, nightstand, and a dresser. The windows should be large enough to give a good view the outdoors. Waking up in the morning with a nice outlook on nature will help make your day more pleasant.


Other bedrooms should be situated far enough away so the kids don’t interfere with your sleep. A nursery should be close by so you will be able to check on toddlers.


Plenty of Bathrooms


There should be enough bathrooms situated through the house to accommodate everyone. A bathroom needs to be designed with safety in mind. There are many accidents due to falls every year due to wet floors or a rug that slides. Grab bars need to be plentiful and placed at different heights. Children need to be able to reach them to be effective. There should also be plenty of ventilation in these areas.


The doorways should be wide enough for wheelchair access. Visitors and relatives are possible guests that will benefit from long term planning. Having an entry door that is accessible for disabled people will not make them feel left out from family gatherings.


Lighting should be well planned throughout the house. There should be enough storage areas so the house is not cluttered. Toys and other items scattered around can be a tripping hazard, which could lead to possible injuries.

Spacious Outdoor Area

Having a spacious outdoor area where all of your family can gather and have fun outside has never been as important as it is today. Indeed, over the past months, our homes have become much more than our places of residence, and today they are our gyms, cinemas, restaurant, and yoga studios. 


When buying a new family home or building a tailored one, make sure you are investing in enough land that allows everyone in your family to have some space for themselves. 

For example, you might opt for a small patio with a view or a more spacious garden that you can turn into your own private oasis. In any case, you can Click Here For More and start checking some of the options that are available to you when deciding to invest in house and land packages.