5 Things to Enjoy at a Jakarta luxury hotel

Is visiting Indonesia on your bucket list? We all look forward to ticking off our bucket lists. It’s a satisfying feeling. When you are writing it down, at that point it looks very difficult or far from reach. But when you start marking items off, you know everything is achievable.

If visiting Indonesia is on your bucket list, when it comes, make it memorable. Create lasting experiences that you’ll look back to in future. Stay at hotel Indonesia and make lasting memories. It’s strategically located in the heart of Jakarta city providing you with a view of beautiful malls and plazas. It is located 1km from the city Centre, so there is easy access to shopping centers, recreational places, good restaurants and public transport services.

If you are looking to make your stay in Indonesia, then consider staying at a Jakarta luxury hotel. Want to learn more about it? This article is meant for you.

Close Proximity to the City Centre

Hotel Indonesia is situated at the Bundaran HI roundabout. It is 1km from Jakarta city and 10.6km from the airport. Therefore you can easily access shopping malls, markets, recreational parks and religious centers. At the hotel you get a magnificent sweeping view of Jakarta city and its neighborhood. The view gets even better at night with colorful lights over the city’s skyline. For train lovers, the train station is 800 meters away while the subway/metro station is 350 meters away. The Ranch Market Grand Indonesia supermarket is located 50 meters from the hotel.

Professional and Friendly Staff

Hotel Indonesia boasts of warmly and professional staff. Right from the pickup staff, to the welcoming staff, concierge staff and the hotel workers, everybody executes their work to perfection. They are welcoming to both the young and adults. At the hotel, you’ll marvel at the way the staff is smartly dressed in their uniforms. They deliver your meal/ drink anywhere around the hotel without frowning. The way they present their cutlery, beddings and meals shows utmost professionalism. Get a chance to interact with them and you won’t be disappointed.

Kid’s Play Centre

In case you are travelling with your family; this hotel will have your children equally entertained. Whether they love indoor or outdoor games, there is something for everyone. What you can’t access at the hotel, you can find in the neighboring city Centre. Considering that it is neighboring Grand Indonesia mall with a kid’s playground, there is plenty to choose from. The hotel also has a swimming pool for both kids and adults.

Food Variations

Indonesia being a melting pot of Asia be sure to find all varieties and recipes of food. The food at Hotel Indonesia Jakarta is prepared with the best ingredients and spices. Also, from the taste of the food, you can tell the hotel has the best of chefs. At the hotel, you are to choose from various cuisines on the menu. They include; Chinese, Indian, Continental, European and Thai foods, among others. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, there is variety of food for everyone. Those on diet have a variety of vegetable and salad recipes to choose from.

Fitness Galore

Don’t get worried about missing your favorite workouts and exercises. The hotel has got a well-equipped gym, spa and sauna facilities. After checking in, you can access the gym or any other facility at any time of your convenience. You can also utilize the hotel state of the art swimming pool for your swimming pleasure. The hotel is located in a suburb that is safe for walking, running and cycling. During your stay, you won’t miss any fitness activity or form of exercise. The rooms are also spacious enough for yoga exercises, though some people prefer to do it outside.


Stay at Hotel Indonesia Jakarta and make lifetime memories. Enjoy the breathtaking night view of the city in your hotel room or balcony. You will enjoy different cuisines made by impeccable hands. Are you a lover of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Continental or European food? Are you on a diet, vegetarian or meat lover? Whatever person you are, there is plenty of perfectly-made food for everyone. If you travelled as a family, the children have a Kid’s playground in the nearby Indonesia Mall.


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