5 Technology Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier



Many people see the value of technology in writing Word documents, sending emails, and even playing videogames. But often they forget about all the other amazing things that technology can do to change their lives.

There are many things that technology can do to improve our lives. Our phones and computers can now run our homes and even our finances.

Here is a list of some great technology tips to improve your life and make everyday tasks easier.

1. Set up Apple Pay

In the time of the Corona Virus paying for things with cash is no longer safe. It’s an easy way for the virus to spread around. Contactless payments are great. But even better are mobile payment systems like Apple Pay.

These allow you to keep all of your credit and debit cards on your phone and to pay for everything on your phone. You can use your fingerprint or Face ID rather than having to worry about someone stealing your card and spending all of your money.

The great thing about Apple Pay, now available in the U.S, is that you can also add loyalty cards and boarding passes on your phone. There is no need to remember lots of different pieces of paper, you can have all of your cars in one place. This way you will never miss out on a loyalty point or reward again.

You can also breeze through airport security by checking in online and getting your boarding pass 24 hours before you fly with most airlines.

Don’t forget you can also use Apple Pay to save time shopping online. Your debit and credit cards can be used with the Safari browser on Mac and when you are making purchases through apps on your iPhone and iPad.

This is much faster than having to remember your credit or debit cards and having to hunt around for the physical card to remember your CVV number.

2. Get a Home Assistant

Home assistants  – of which Amazon’s Alexa is the most famous – are the perfect way to make your home life much easier, particularly since you will now be spending so much time at home during the pandemic.

If you purchase some smart lightbulbs, a smart lock, or even a smart kettle then you can control your entire house from your smart assistant.

If you set up a routine then you don’t even need to say any voice commands, the lights will come on automatically at a certain time, your coffee or tea will brew for you in the morning so that it’s waiting for you when you wake up. It’s even possible to book an Uber or taxi in advance to get you to where you need to go.

There are a whole host of possibilities that you can undertake with a home assistant. You can record your favorite television shows and have Alexa read your current kindle book in her voice even if you don’t have the audiobook version. An Amazon Alexa is a great companion for you to have.

3. Listen to Audio Books With Airpods

Listen to audiobooks with some wireless headphones like AirPods. New models are on the horizon soon. Rather than being plugged into your phone the whole time they can slot into your ears, allowing you to leave your phone behind and get on with other tasks. You can go for a run, go to the gym or wash the dishes while you listen to audiobooks.

With audiobooks cheap with an audible subscription it’s never been a better time to get some listening in. You can listen to whatever you want from brilliant non-fiction books to great crime novels.

4. Set up a Virtual FinTech Bank

One of the best technology tips is to set up a virtual FinTech bank. This is a bank with no physical branches that are managed entirely online through an App.

The great thing about FinTech banks is that the apps often have built-in budgeting tools. You can categorize all of your spending and see what your spending habits are. You also get a notification each time you make a purchase for security purposes.

If you love traveling and are keen to get back on the road after the Coronavirus pandemic then a FinTech bank is for you.  Many Fintech banks like Revolut and Monzo have no fees for overseas spending.

You can spend in any currency and your money will be converted at the usual rate and some banks also offer a certain value of overseas ATM withdrawals for free. Many FinTech banks also offer bank accounts in multiple currencies. Tranferwise offers accounts in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Australian Dollars. This means you can receive payments from all over the world.

5. Curate Some Photos in a Digital Photo Frame

Another great tech feature that will make your life more colorful is a digital photo frame. Instead of having photos printed out for display in your house and having to choose which ones get displayed and which ones get left in an album, a digital photo album allows you to rotate your photos.

You can use photos from your computer or taken on your phone. If you are wondering how to get deleted photos back on iPhone then be sure to follow the link.

A digital photo frame can also be a cheaper long term option rather than printing out lots of high-quality photos.

Technology Tips: Transform Your Life

If you want to know about how to use your new iPhone or computer to your advantage then be sure to consider how technology can transform and improve your life.

Phones and laptops no longer serve one purpose. They are our wallet, our bank, our music collection, and the internet all wrapped into one!

If you are interested in reading more technology tips or tech shortcuts then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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