5 New Things Home Buyers Want


As more and more people are looking to buy homes, it can be hard to know what exactly they are looking for. For instance, a recent survey found that 76% of homebuyers surveyed were looking for a new construction home with an attached garage, and 67% wanted to be able to walk to shops and restaurants. There are many aspects of a home that buyers will look at before making their decision, so knowing what these things are is vital if you’re interested in selling your home, in order to market it properly.



Here are five new things that home buyers may be looking for when purchasing a house while keeping in mind the new real estate market developments from the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Homeowners Want More Space

It’s no secret that buyers are looking for homes with more space. Americans, on average, spend about 90% of their time indoors, so it’s important that they’re comfortable in their surroundings. Larger homes typically have higher ceilings, larger windows, a more spacious kitchen, bigger dining areas for entertaining, as well as additional flex areas for play or work. Spillane Property also notes that home buyers like to have options when it comes to expanding the home or putting on an addition, so they can stay in their homes as their families grow or their needs change in the future.

While buying a larger home may mean spending more initially, it’s worth it for busy professionals and young families as they will have more room for everything they will need. All in all, larger houses offer freedom and comfort in different ways than smaller spaces do.

2. Homes With an Open Floor Plan Are More Desirable

Many modern buyers prefer homes with an open floor plan versus a more traditional layout. Open layouts allow for more natural light to come in and provide the feeling of space that is not present in other home designs. This openness makes the home more inviting and allows for families to gather in different areas of the home without being out of sight.

Buyers want to know they have the freedom to make their homes truly unique. With an open floor plan, it is easy to redesign the layout of a home, express their individual style, and create the environment they desire in a house – without having to tear down walls. Open floor plans are also less expensive because they require fewer materials and labor costs than other designs. Buyers also have more flexibility with furnishings and appliances in an open floor plan.

3. Buyers Want Lots of Windows

Home buyers often look for homes with a lot of natural light, so it’s important that each room in the house has a window. Not only does having a lot of windows increase the sense of space and brightness to a home, it also allows for fresh air to circulate in the hotter months.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as people spent more time at home, the need for access to outdoor space in the home was essential. Even during the winter months, having a home with large windows allowed people to enjoy the natural light and fresh air, without having to go outside. Having large windows also allows people to grow more plants indoors, which has many health benefits in itself. It can be really nice, especially when you’re sick or need some time away from other people, just to look out onto your backyard or garden to enjoy nature.

4. Buyers Want Homes With Private Outdoor Spaces

The ability to spend time safely outside is more appreciated and necessary than ever before. Home buyers are looking for outdoor spaces where they can enjoy their families, entertain guests or just relax in private. Homes with adequate living room windows and balconies are popular, but buyers also look for homes with decks, porches, terraces, patios and other spaces where they can step away from the house and enjoy the outdoors. Investing in landscaping and outdoor lighting will surely add value and interest in your home if you are looking to sell.

5. Many Homeowners Are Opting for Newer Construction


One of the things that most homeowners are looking for is newer construction so they can avoid dealing with maintenance issues and repairs. A new home also offers many conveniences that an older house may not. For example, a newer construction has modern amenities such as hardwood floors, adequate insulation, and central heating or air conditioning.

Homebuyers are typically looking for houses with the most updated appliances in the kitchen as well, like dishwashers, microwaves, and even refrigerators with ice makers, as well as in the bathrooms with a bathtub or shower. More modern appliances also offer more energy efficiency, which can help reduce costs overall.

Buyers Expect More Today

Today, buyers are more demanding and knowledgeable than ever. That’s because they have more resources to help them find the right home and to get it at a better price. As a home seller, it’s important to be aware of these demands and work with your agent to ensure your home best fits what buyers are looking for.