5 Eco-Conscious Decisions That Lead To an Energy-Efficient Home




Living eco-consciously means that you’re aware of how your choices impact the environment. 77% of people believe that living sustainably is a wise choice to preserve the earth and its resources.

But what about living in an energy-efficient home? After all, while buying organic foods and making other eco-friendly decisions are great, one of the greatest impacts you have is on your home.

What are some energy-efficient home ideas and how can you implement them? If you’re striving for a greener home, start with these 5 tips!

1. How Much Are You Using?

Don’t waste your energy pouring into energy-saving tactics without even knowing how much you use. If you want to start saving energy, you have to know how you’re using it.

There are professionals who come to your house and evaluate how much energy you’re using and may make recommendations as to how you can make your home more energy-efficient.

2. HVAC And Smart Thermostat

Your HVAC is arguably one of the most used units in your entire home. It heats your home in the winter and cools it in the summer. Unless you stop using it for a period of time, learning how to make your HVAC more efficient will benefit you greatly.

If you cannot replace your HVAC at this time, you can invest in a smart thermostat. This type of thermostat learns your energy consumption and controls your HVAC so you don’t waste too much energy. Smart thermostats are around a couple of hundred dollars, but you typically recoup your cost soon.

3. Solar Panels

Another way to create an eco-friendly home is to invest in solar panels. Solar panels use the sun’s energy to power the electricity in your home.

These panels can control everything in your home from appliances to lighting all while using the sun. Going solar doesn’t have to be hard, so find solar near you to check out the cost and savings.

4. Replace Your Appliances

Are your appliances out of date? If so, they’re probably not very energy efficient!

Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers are energy hogs. Replacing these older appliances with Energy Star approved appliances may save you hundreds of dollars per year. If your appliance is 15 years old or more, chances are you should probably replace it because you are using so much energy.

5. Insulate Well

If your windows and doors are not insulated well you’re paying for energy that’s leaking. That’s definitely not very efficient at all!

Take a peek around your windows and doors to ensure that they’re insulated well. This keeps the cold air in and hot air out or vice versa. Otherwise, with less-than-stellar insulation, you’re allowing air to escape. In order to keep your home properly cooled or heated, so your HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard, insulate your home well!

Your Energy-Efficient Home

An energy-efficient home may take work at first, but the results will pay for themselves. Find out which areas you need help in conserving energy, and make the changes today!

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