4 Reasons to Keep Exercising Outdoors Even in the Cold Weather


When the weather gets chilly, it is common to start bringing your workouts indoors, heading to the gym, or doing some DVDs in your own home. However, there are still many reasons you should try to get outside and exercise when it is cold but not dangerous weather conditions.

You Can Save Money

One reason to continue working out outdoors even when the weather gets colder is that you will save money. Typically, when people can no longer walk around their block, go on hikes, or go swimming for exercise, they head to the gym. This requires what might be a pricey gym membership. Not only will you save money on a gym membership, but you don’t need to pay for expensive equipment for inside your home, buy workout DVDs, or sign up for exercise classes when you work outside in the cold weather.

It Provides Fresh Air and Vitamin D

Being outside more often is always a good thing, even in inclement weather. While you shouldn’t be jogging in the morning if it is snowing or hailing, the fall usually has mild weather, even if it is a bit colder. This allows you to continue getting your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun’s UV rays, instead of having to rely on extra supplements during the fall season. It is also great to get more fresh air, especially when you are bringing your kids or dogs along with you.

Outdoor Exercise Increases Your Energy

Have you ever noticed that when you walk outside, you tend to have more energy than when you walk on a treadmill? This is because the sunshine and fresh air previously mentioned actually increases your energy levels and make you feel more focused and have better concentration. Getting some outdoor exercise in the morning before you head off to work is a great start to your day!

You Can Involve Others

It is also much easier to make exercise a family or group event if you are exercising outdoors. You can take your family on a walk in the evening, go for a jog with your dog, spend the weekend rowing, hiking, or doing outdoor yoga with a group of friends. When you work out with other people, it gives everyone more motivation and encouragement to continue, not to mention having the added bonus of some more quality time spent together. Gather up your friends or family, get more exercise, and spend this time as a family.