4 Important Things to Look for in Wireless Earbuds

Some music lovers prefer to have wireless earbuds even if they already own wired ones. They do that because it’s hard to walk around, play sports, or cook while having a cable hanging from your ear. Manufacturers are aware of that, so they try to flood the market with wireless options. When you decide to get a pair, you should have a list of qualities to look for because you may get overwhelmed by the numerous brands and specifications. We are going to give you four main points to check before purchasing the earbuds.

The Way They Fit

The earbuds that fit your friend won’t necessarily be comfortable for you. We have different ear shapes and sizes, so we need to look for the designs that fit us best. They must adjust well in our ears in case we want to stay active while taking calls or listening to songs. Some ear tips can hurt you after using them for a couple of hours, especially if you have sensitive ears. That’s why you should go for rubber tips instead of the plastic ones. You should also choose the adjustable design that doesn’t slip because it has the same contour as your ear hole.

When we talk about the size, it all comes down to your preference. However, we recommend staying clear of big and heavy ones because they may weigh down your ears after a while. On the other hand, if they are too small, you may lose them easily, and they will be hard to find. That being said, you should get medium-sized ones to be on the safe side because you cannot try them on before buying, for hygienic purposes.

Audio Settings

Anything related to sound and audio is the most crucial point in earbuds. You are getting a wireless pair to enjoy the freedom of movement along with great audio. However, wireless ones are worse than the wired because the compression of sound reduces its purity. That’s why you need to look for earbuds that are equipped with aptX technology, where compression is done differently and the result is similar to CDs.

Audiophiles love to get isolated from the surrounding environment while listening to their favorite tracks. You can get sound-isolation and noise-cancellation earbuds that will introduce you to another world of music.

Another audio setting you can control is the volume. Make sure that the level is optimum for you because wireless earbuds cannot be connected to amplifiers, so there is no way to increase the volume. Since you cannot try them in-store, it is much better to check audio reviews and guides before attempting to break the seal of the package. Don’t get fooled by the price because an expensive pair doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality and sound are great.

Controls and Pairing

Wired earphones have controls along the wire where you can answer calls, skip or repeat songs, and adjust the volume. However, the wireless ones either have protruding buttons or touch controls or can be controlled through another application, or even voice recognition. You should check their functionality rather than aesthetics because pretty shapes alone without practicality can be frustrating to deal with.

Another aspect to consider is the pairing technology in the earbuds. Most of them pair using Bluetooth as it is the most common method, while others use NFC. Some of the earphones combine them both to provide a wider range of compatibility with any device.


Battery Life

If you only use wired earpieces, you won’t be familiar with the concept of a battery. Wireless have a limited battery life that needs to be recharged frequently. It is annoying when the battery dies suddenly while you are on the road without having a cable. However, you can avoid that situation by getting earbuds with a long battery life that remains charged for several hours. Another point to check is the charging time because if they take too long, they will become useless for the time being.

Some of them come with a charging case. In this case, you need to make sure of its quality because if you get a mediocre one, you will be unable to plug in your earbuds. Additionally, to slow down the deterioration of the battery as much as possible, you shouldn’t charge it until it notifies you, nor leave it connected to a power source overnight.

Wireless earbuds are still mostly expensive, so you need to research well before spending your money. You should figure out what you need out of it and what you are willing to compromise. The above qualities are crucial for almost everyone who wants to get rid of the wire and enter the world of convenience and portability.