4 Car Maintenance Tips For People Who Like To Rev Too Much

As car owners and lovers, we all have our unique ways of driving.

While some of us are mild on the engine, changing the gear right when the RPM hits 2(X1000), others are there to push the vehicle to its full potential.

And as many of us would know, doing the latter is never easy on the engine. In fact, you will need to pay more attention to your car’s maintenance.

In this post, we are talking about the extra attention that every speed enthusiast needs to keep a check on. Here are four car maintenance tips for anyone who revs the engine a little too much.

1. Choosing a Performance-Based Engine Oil

Engine oil plays a vital role in determining your car’s performance. In clear words, engine oil is nothing less than the blood for your car’s heart, i.e., the engine.

However, one common mistake that can reduce your car’s performance and life is using the wrong engine oil.

But I have been using the one that most people do. How could it be wrong?

Well, the problem is not in the oil. If you are among the rapid drivers who rev a little more than average, it’ll be better if you use high-performance engine oil for your car.

2. Installing Performance Parts

Often, we buy cars that aren’t built to healthily run at high speeds every time they are taken out. But, we may still push them to limits.

For riders who like to bring out the highest performance from their car’s hood, installing performance parts may become a necessity.

From your car’s exhaust system to its air filter and brake pads and rotors, you can upgrade your car’s components based on how wild you are while driving. (do follow the traffic rules and keep yourself and everyone else safe).

By installing high-performance parts, you will be able to reduce your car’s long term maintenance calls and costs. Plus, your car will now perform better.

Just ensure that you are buying these parts only from a certified store like Parts Geek, who is an Auto Parts Geek in all senses.

3. Clean Up Your Engine’s Exteriors


If you don’t want to let any unnecessary trouble crop up with your car’s engine, make sure you are keeping its interiors as well as its exteriors clean.

Every single grain of dust that may fall into a sensitive or wrong place can pile up and add to your problems.

So, after a rough day, when the car cools down, give its engine’s exterior a good rub with a dry cloth after you have degreased it. After that, you may wipe it off with a wet cloth too.

4. Never Forget Maintenance Checks

Yes, this applies to drivers who don’t rev much too. However, when someone keeps going hard on their car’s engine, the need for regular maintenance doubles up.

From your car’s brake pads to its tires, a number of components may require quicker repair or replacement than usual.

So, make it a thing to regularly check your car’s overall maintenance.

From turning signals to headlights, taillights, rearview mirrors, brake pads, engine oil, batteries, everything should be in good condition.

Also, keep an eye on the warning light on your car’s dashboard. It’s important to attend all maintenance calls that your car makes for you. Studies show that a large number of accidents happen because of poorly maintained cars.

Final words

If you like the rush of adrenaline that your car gives you every time you push the accelerator, you must also make sure that you are maintaining it correctly. In this post, we mentioned four car-maintenance tips that every quick driver must keep in mind.

Hopefully, this helped you.