3 Foods to Help You Get Your Daily Fix of Quinoa in Your Diet


A couple of days ago, we were introduced to quinoa as a ‘healthy’ alternative to white rice. Now, don’t get us wrong – there is absolutely nothing wrong in consuming cooked white rice, but if you’re looking to lose those fat rolls around the waist, then quinoa it is!

Quinoa screams nutrition, mainly because it is not only rich in essential amino acids and fiber but is also gluten-free. Getting on a plant-based diet is hard enough as it is – thanks to the limitation of options around us. All we see are people suggesting veggies and fruits – not that there is anything wrong in either – but let’s face it, we need something crunchy to help us go through the day.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can add quinoa gluten free into your diet for that tasty flavour in 3 different, nutritious ways!

Fruit Salad – But With Quinoa!

Talk about boring, right? Well, with quinoa, that is not the case! Let us begin with a healthy fruit salad, but this time, with a little grainy twist.

Cook 100gm of quinoa in two teaspoons of olive oil but make sure you’re mindful of your fruits as well. Choose fruits that are rich in fiber and have fewer calories at the same time such as avocados, coconuts, oranges, and seasonal berries for that rich, grainy texture. Before you mutter Bon Appetit, toss your quinoa salad together with a fresh lime or vinaigrette dressing and get ready to serve it for lunch or dinner (or both)!

Quinoa Chili!

Talk about getting your ‘weight loss’ fix for the day with a bowl of quinoa chili! To begin with, all you need to do is get yourself beans and quinoa along with spices that are sure to take those inches off your stomach for eternity. But, little disclaimer here – don’t play around with too many spices and add as per your taste. As beans are rich in fiber, you not only get to feel fuller for the rest of the day but also regulate your bowel habits in more ways than one!

Chicken Quinoa Nuggets

If you think only children bug you for nuggets, think again. We think chicken nuggets are preferred far more than gold nuggets, because hey, the former are tasty, nutritious, reasonable and easy to get your teeth into! Instead of coating your chicken nuggets with bread crumbs, try out quinoa instead. Not only will you get a thick crust, but you will enjoy also enjoy two different sources of protein and fiber in your food!

Pro Tip: Prepare the batter for quinoa nuggets so that whenever you’re feeling lazy and tired, you can fix yourself a healthy and nutritious dish instead of being tempted to order a take out!

Snacking on healthier options is not only a dilemma for vegetarians, but also for meat-lovers as every food basically screams ‘calories’, ‘weight-gain’, and ‘tummy rolls’. Talk about weight loss being easy regardless of an ordeal!



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