3 Common Car Collisions and How to Avoid Them

Let’s agree. Accidents can happen anytime. Further, it’s mindboggling that about 5,250,837 collisions occurred in 2020 alone, according to the Department of Transportation. These accidents caused 1,593,390 injuries, including 35,766 fatal accidents. 

You don’t want to be nursing a back injury from a car crash. For this reason, you’ll need to read this article about three common everyday car crashes and how to avoid them. Let’s start!

1. Collisions at Intersections

While intersections help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians connect from one route to another seamlessly, they’re a prominent black spot for collisions. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, nearly one-quarter of all road fatalities in the US are affiliated with intersections. Moreover, 50% of traffic injuries, such as a broken spine or a severe back injury from a car crash, occur at intersections. The good news is that you can avoid such accidents.

Defensive driving is the key to preventing collisions at intersections. When the light turns green, take a few seconds to ensure no distracted driver is coming through. Also, observe speeding vehicles trying to get through a yellow light on a cross street. Your rule of thumb is to be cautious rather than take chances when approaching a yellow light.

2. Backing Collisions

In a backing collisions study by the National Library of Medicine, about 200 of the 2,500 reported collisions involved children under the age of 15 years. Sadly, some cases result in death. For this reason, backing collisions will leave you nursing back injury from a car crash and can quickly turn fatal.

The most effective tip to avoid backing collisions is to walk around before parking and look for dangers such as potholes and children. Also, always use all the mirrors and rear vision cameras when you decide to back. If your car lacks the latest tech, like a camera, visit your mechanic to have it installed. Generally, constantly survey the traffic patterns and surroundings before backing up and avoiding parking in pedestrian areas and traffic lanes. 

3. Speeding Collisions

According to Traffic Safety Facts, 2020 Data, speeding collisions are responsible for 28% of all fatal crashes, 10% of property damage, and 13% of injuries. Also, note that the higher the collision speed, the greater the damage. For instance, a low speed will likely cause muscle strains and open wound bleeding, while a high-speed accident may lead to severe back injury from a car crash.

Always gauge the distance between the vehicles in front to avoid speeding collisions. The rule of thumb is maintaining a two-vehicle distance to prevent a crash if the car in front hits emergency brakes. Also, practice patience and give yourself ample time to reach your destination. Avoid the temptation to speed to ensure you arrive safely.

Be Safe. Avoid Common Collisions

Common car collisions are attributed to speed, backing, and intersection spots. Therefore, exercise extra care when approaching an intersection or backing your car. However, contact a reputable lawyer immediately if you sustain a back injury from a car crash. They ensure you receive fair compensation for medical bills and lost wages. 


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