2023 Trends – Health, Lifestyle, and Personal Growth

Get ready for the 2023 trends in health, lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth! This year will see a lot more at-home beauty and anti-aging treatments, new fitness trends, creative expression, and so much more.
1. At-Home Beauty Treatments
While many people are still heading to local spas, bringing the beauty spa home is becoming more and more popular every year. At-home beauty treatments have advanced from sheet masks and Pore strips to innovative home facials and at-home laser hair removal. Keep an eye out because these will continue to be prevalent throughout 2023.

2. Low-Impact Workouts
Fitness has transformed quite a bit recently, but one of the biggest changes is the popularity of low-impact workouts returning to people’s homes and workout routines. Pilates made a huge comeback in the last 2 years, thanks to online influencers enjoying mat and reformer Pilates. But that’s not all; other low-impact workouts like yoga, stretching, and even walking are going to be trending even more this year.

3. Social Wellness and Connection
We learned many things after Covid restrictions and lockdowns as a collective, but one of the most important is how vital social connection and community is to the human experience. A trend you will see a lot more this upcoming year is instilling the importance of social wellness and being part of a community, and understanding how it can help improve your health and happiness.

4. Functional Fitness
In addition to low-impact workouts, functional fitness can be added to the workout trends for 2023. Functional fitness includes any form of exercise that can aid you in your everyday life and daily activities. Think of exercises that help you build strength to carry groceries up a flight of stairs and walk somewhere if your car breaks down.
This includes:
Strength Training
Lungs and Squats
Mobility Training
Yoga and Flexibility Exercises

5. Meditation Apps
Meditation continues to be one of the most popular self-care activities, and it has now gone digital. In 2023, meditation apps will be even more popular, thanks to apps like Calm, Headspace, and Buddhify.
6. Smart Technology for Your Health
Health tracking has been digital for several years, thanks to fitness trackers like Fitbit and the Apple Watch, as well as many apps that can track your movement, heart rate, sleep, and so much more. But it has gotten even more advanced (and popular) recently with technology like the Oura ring. Expect to see a lot more of this going forward.

7. Sober Curiosity
A trend that is helping to improve people’s overall health, wellness, and happiness is sober curiosity. That’s right, sober living is becoming a trend. More people are seeing the health benefits of skipping wine at dinner and enjoying activities with friends and co-workers outside of just happy hour. It’s time to start mixing up some mocktails. Could binge-dinking bragging rights be a thing of the past?

8. Creative Emotional Expression
With the recent popularity of journaling and morning pages, people are warmly embracing expressing their emotions, processing traumas, and creating healthy lifestyle habits. But in 2023, you will see it go one step further with an increase in creative emotional expression. Not just in writing, but in many forms of art, from painting and pottery to music and dancing.

9. Self-Soothing and Self-Therapy Journaling
Speaking of journaling, that is definitely not going anywhere! However, journaling has transformed a lot in recent years. With the increase in popularity of using journal prompts – writing prompts to give you a topic to write about – so have the benefits and style of journaling.
More people are now using prompts to help with at-home self-therapy (not to replace conventional therapy) as a way to self-soothe, gain more clarity, and understand their grief, joy, heartache, anxiety, stress, and all of their other complex emotions a little better.
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10. Anti-Hustle Lifestyle
Gone are the days of the hustle, and in come the days of promoting rest and downtime. It is not about being lazy and no longer working hard, but not using the “hustle” as a way to brag about how all you do is grind 24/7. In 2023, expect to see a lot more people looking for that healthy work/life balance and not bragging about their 90-hour work weeks.

11. Beauty Enhancement
Anti-aging and enhancing your natural beauty is definitely growing, with even more beauty enhancement procedures, products, and devices being introduced every day. For 2023, you might see a wide range of enhancement trends, from more lip fillers and Botox, to devices that help you provide at-home enhancement.

13.  Digital Life Planning
With the popularity of Notion this year, people are more organized than ever before. Digital planning, from daily habits to lifestyle changes and achieving goals, really helps you keep every single aspect of your life organized and on track.