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With over 120 million adults forty-five years and older, baby boomers are reshaping their expectations with the help of Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Janet Lever co-authors of the new and revised Getaway Guide to the Great Sex Weekend offering tips to help couples out of the doldrums and rekindle that long-term marriage spark .

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“Just because a couple has been together for 15 or 20 years, we don’t believe their love, romance and passion need to fade into history,” say Pepper Schwartz, PhD., AARP Love and Relationship Ambassador, Online Dating Expert for Perfectmatch.com & Past President, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and Dr. Janet Lever, professor of sociology at California State University in Los Angeles and past co-host of the national cable talk show “Women on Sex. Anytime is the perfect opportunity to revive excitement between lovers. The best gift you can give your partner is you! Sexual intimacy gets squelched by our daily routines and fatigue and Getaway Guide to the Great Sex Weekend offers a proven program to ensure every weekend is exotic and playful and makes a great gift, because it’s full of sexy, tempting ideas for the whole year long.”

This critically acclaimed book by two internationally recognized intimacy experts offers romantic getaway places to help couples recapture passion and playfulness in their sexual and romantic life. Amazon.com’s Stephanie Gold said “…declare a moratorium on work talk and focus on one another…Age may not be a state of mind, but good sex certainly is, and it’s a state that can be recaptured and ‘Road-tested’ by dozens of couples” including:

“After two kids and ten years of marriage, we’d slipped into a sexual rut. The book gave us an incentive to break our pattern. Now we’re closer and more open to fun in bed than ever before.”—anonymous road-tester

“This book forced us to pay attention to each other, which is something we were both hungry for and didn’t even know it.”—anonymous road tester

“This book is like battery cables. Everyone should have it handy to jump start their love life!”-anonymous road-tester

“Get away from the house, the kids and the to-do list. The book includes lots of close-by weekend getaway places all over the U.S. and provides helpful hints on amenities to look for, like double shower heads, oversized soaking tubs and sensual massages. We recommend Replens, a long lasting moisturizer and experimenting with new sex toys. There’s even a vibrator made just for couples called We-Vibe,” say Schwartz and Lever. “It’s fun to go to the gourmet grocer and pick out finger foods that you can enjoy with your favorite wine or champagne in the privacy of your hotel suite. Begin Valentine’s Day with a warm kiss and hug and don’t forget the flowers, aromatherapy massage candle, chocolates and dinner reservations. Sex is boring if you use the same efficient way to satisfy each other that your partner has grown to expect every time you are intimate. Change it up by the place, routine, and toys you use. Be playful. Read a sexy book or watch porn together.”

Speaking of this road-tested and proven program:

Glamour says, “How long has it been since you and your partner showered together, made love in a new position, or lingered in bed all morning? If you can’t recall, check out The Great Sex Weekend.” 


Playboy says, “What a delicious idea. Rip the list of weekend chores off the refrigerator. Let the grass go un-mowed. Throw this book into your overnight bag along with some of the recommended toys, and go…and your love life will benefit for years to come. Become a weekend warrior for love.”

The Sunday New York Post says, “A sexy 48-hour guide designed for lovers hoping to rediscover the magic of each other all over again. 


“Couples can have a passionate and fulfilling sex life and a sensational Valentine’s night—as long as they work at it, communicate their needs, use whatever medical and other products their bodies needs and don’t file sex away to grow dusty and ultimately, forgotten,” added Schwartz and Lever. Why don’t you share your weekend road warrior love experience here: http://www.thegreatsexweekend.com. Have fun, enjoy each other