12 Ways to Drink More Water


#1. Have a tall glass with your main meals. Deciding you’ll drink a glass

  before meals is less inviting, since drinking water with no food, and without 
 thirst, isn’t easy. However, eating triggers a need for fluid; a tall glass of 
 water will go down quickly when it’s consumed with meals.

 #2. Place a small covered glass of water by your bed stand before going to 
 sleep. In the morning before you exit the bed, drink the water.

 #3. If you’re at a desk for long periods, keep an icy glass of water with you 
 and sip periodically.

 #4. Get a water purification system. This will improve the taste of tap water, 
 and encourage you to drink more water since you’ll know that toxins 
 are filtered out.

 #5. Drink homemade lemonade. Squeeze fresh lemons into a glass–filling 
 about 3-6 ounces. Add 1-2 packets of the natural sweetener Stevia. Mix very 
 well. Add chilled water. Or add ice and keep this with you while working 
 at a desk.

 #6. Use a straw. Fluid intake goes very rapidly when you drink with a straw. 
 A tall glass of room-temperature water can be gone in seconds, thereby 
 eliminating any drudgery of having to take many sips to finish the glass.

 #7. Remind yourself that chilled water makes the body expend calories to 
 warm it to body temperature. Knowing this fact will motivate you to drink 
 more water.

 #8. Fill a pitcher with water every morning and place in the refrigerator. 
 Make sure that by bedtime, the pitcher is empty.

 #9. Create water milestones. For instance, have paper cups handy in the 
 bathrooms of your house. Every time you finish using the facility, fill the 
 cup half-way or all the way with water and drink.

 At the workplace, if you must pass a drinking fountain on the way to 
 your department, commit to getting in a few gulps every morning, and 
 every evening on the way out, even if you’re not thirsty.

 #10. Eat watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers, which are water-rich. 
 Coffee, soda and juices do not count towards your daily water quota. 
 In fact, carbonated drinks have a dehydrating effect.

 #11. Order water with your restaurant meals.

 #12. If you take supplements or prescribed drugs, drink water to swallow 
 them. Fill a glass with more than what you’ll need. After the last pill goes 
 down, take the extra gulps.