10 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look


It’s no secret that the no-makeup look has made a dramatic return. It’s all about embracing your natural features and ditching the heavy use of products. However, what isn’t as widely talked about is the amount of effort that goes into achieving the no-makeup look. You don’t simply roll out of bed and consider it the job done.

Instead, most au naturel girlies opt for a careful selection of products and skillful techniques that are designed to enhance their unique features. Essentially, most people conduct a series of routine tasks that help them achieve this flawless and effortless look.

Want to know the secrets behind their success? Without further ado, here are ten tried and tested techniques you can apply to nail the no-makeup look.

Start a Skincare Routine

To master the no-makeup look, you’ve got to start with a flawless canvas. Start a skincare routine that will help your skin radiate with a natural glow. If you’re not familiar with skincare, we recommend you start with the basics. Begin by using a gentle cleanser to remove any impurities, follow up with a hydrating toner, and finish it off with a lightweight moisturizer.

Stay Hydrated

Another way to improve the appearance of your skin is by ensuring you drink plenty of water. Hydration is your best friend when it comes to a natural beauty look. You should aim for a minimum of eight cups of water each day. If you struggle to keep track, we recommend that you buy a large reusable water bottle to motivate yourself.

Give Yourself Facial Massages

If you’ve been active on social media, it’s likely that you’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of beauty tools like the gua sha. These tools help promote lymphatic drainage, enhance blood circulation, and eliminate fluid buildup. All these benefits can help achieve natural and healthy-looking skin.

Try Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the latest eyebrow trend that makes the no-makeup look incredibly easy to achieve. Forget having to struggle with your brows to keep them in place as brow lamination ensures they remain perfect for weeks to come. Plus, it’s the perfect way to add definition and shape.

Opt for Tinted Moisturiser

Swap out your regular heavy-weight foundation for a lighter option like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Using sheer to light coverage will allow your natural skin texture and freckles to shine through. If you do need to conceal any extra areas, go in with a concealer to get rid of blemishes or dark circles.

Get a Lash Lift

One of the best ways to wake up feeling flawless is by getting a lash lift and tint every few months. Rather than looking dull and sleepy, curled lashes will give the appearance of a wide-awake and fresh look. Also known as a lash perm, this beauty treatment will result in long-lasting results and a low-maintenance approach to the no-makeup look.

Or else, you can skip the salon and opt for the convenience of diy eyelash extensions at home. In just a few minutes, you can achieve a flawless, long-lasting look that lasts for weeks. The application process is straightforward, making it easy for you to enhance your appearance in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to salon appointments and hello to a stunning, self-made transformation with diy eyelash extensions.

Practice Minimalism

Remember that when it comes to achieving this aesthetic, less is more. Make sure to practice restraint, especially when it comes to beauty products. After all, the goal is to enhance your natural features, not mask them. Think twice before applying a bold eyeshadow or going in with a deep contour.

Go For a Spray Tan

We all love the sun-kissed look, and the truth is that having a tan helps create a healthy and youthful appearance. Rather than damaging your skin by soaking up harmful UV rays, book an appointment at your local spray tan place.

Consider Semi-Permanent Makeup

Another hack that many people opt for is semi-permanent makeup, such as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. This provides natural-looking enhancements without the need for actual makeup. Depending on the technique used and your natural skin type, these can last anywhere up to 3 years, so make sure to think it through.

Remember to Be Confident

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that the no-makeup look involves feeling comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is your greatest ally so make sure to leave the house with your head held high when embracing this new look.

Hopefully, this blog has given you plenty of inspiration on how to master this trendy aesthetic. Find techniques and routines that work for your body and your lifestyle. Don’t forget to radiate from the inside so that you can truly shine on the outside. We guarantee that if you take our tips on board, you’ll be mastering the no-makeup look in no time.


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