10 Strategies to Save Money on Clothes



If you have a passion for fashion, but still want to save some money, don´t worry. There is a way to express yourself through your favorite pieces of clothing.

However, you must master some basic rules first, so we won´t hesitate any more and will start helping you on your way to becoming a frugal fashion icon!

Start with basics

Do you really need some serious brand name underneath your cardigan or T-shirt? Why should you spend a huge amount of money on things that are basically invisible to others? Instead, start spending smart! Save your money for things that you are actually showing off.


In case you´ve forgotten, sales are everything! Buy more for less and save hundreds of dollars. And don´t forget it is much better when you get something you´ve been waiting for a long time. This could serve you for the other things as well. Check out GCGme’s items that are currently on sale: http://www.gcgme.com/clothing.html

Shop out of season

It is super hard to buy boots or sweaters when you are melting outside of the store, but it will pay off later. Just focus on the goal. What is the goal? Save money, buy pretty things and look gorgeous in the end.

If you shop for what’s not happening, you’ll get a much better price. Sure, it might feel weird to buy a sweater when it’s nearly triple digits outside, but it’ll save you some cool cash.

Make accessories your new best friend

If you want to look authentic and make your whole outfit more vivid, accessories will help you achieve your goals. If your work wardrobe has to be business casual, a little accessorizing can make your basics feel fun and special. This isn’t just for the ladies, either: Guys can switch it up with differently patterned or colorful socks and ties.

Enjoy your sustainable fashion journey and don´t be afraid to experiment!

Take care of your clothes

You know the sayings, “sharing is caring?” Well, not in this case! Less sharing, more caring! That means you should borrow your stuff only sometimes, and ONLY from your loved ones.

Furthermore, store your stuff carefully. That means actually folding items like sweaters and t-shirts, not overstuffing your drawers, and taking off those plastic dry-cleaning bags before you hang stuff up. For hanging items, invest in those “huggable” hangers. It’s a bit more expensive than buying ordinary plastic hangers, but they won’t warp your tops’ shoulders.

Learn how to hunt

You should learn how to shop. By that we mean, you should know where the cheaper stuff stays. That way you will learn where to focus, which will save you precious time in the long run.

Stores tend to put the most expensive items in the center of the sales floor. This is a rule at higher-end boutiques, they are focused on encouraging you to spend more. Walk around the edges of the shop, and keep your eyes wide open. Don´t get discouraged, the cheapest items are usually hard to find.

Get real

Don´t stop dreaming, but start saving your money for the things you actually need. Shopping for the life you want will get expensive fast, and isn’t likely to get you items that will work with your current routine. Same goes for other kinds of aspirational shopping, too — don’t tell yourself how great those jeans are going to look once you go on a diet. If you actually need jeans, buy a pair that fits you now.

Self-control is the foundation of success

Impulsive spending is not an option if you are up to saving money! If you’re thinking about buying something — a new purse, a new dress — before you hand over your credit card, challenge yourself to make a quick list of three reasons to buy it.

For example, I will wear that dress to my friend’s party, or I can wear that dress for work. Don´t buy it because you just want it now! You will regret that later.

Don´t follow fashion trends blindly!

Fashion trends all have their moments, but they pass. If you’re constantly buying the latest trends and then not wearing them at all, is there a point? Instead of blindly following the latest trends, you should buy clothes you genuinely like.