10 Most Expensive Homes

10 Most exoensive homesYou may think that in terms of the most expensive house in the world it’s impossible to beat Buckingham Palace, the $1.55B royal residence of British kings and queens, but it turns out there’s a house in London that’s worth even more. It’s owned by Elena Franchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch. Her “humble abode” is worth a stunning $1.58 billion and takes the very first place in our ranking of the world’s most expensive houses.


How much does a place where William and Kate Middleton live cost?
Oprah’s $85M mansion rules the category of the most expensive celebrity homes
Which private house requires as much as 600 staff to run it on a daily basis?
How much does Corleone’s villa from the Godfather cost in real life?

Compare 10 Most Expensive Houses In The World: No. 1 Luxury Real Estate Is Worth Billions

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