Want to Earn Cash Back Every Month Get this Saivian Android App

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Most of us have plenty of things on our to-do lists. We are running around to drop the kids off at soccer practice, take a vacation, pick up groceries, go to the pharmacy and a slew of other normal, everyday chores. What if there was a way you could earn up to 20% back on doing most of the chores you have to do anyway? With the Saivian Android App there is a way.


Created to pay you back with a cash rewards system, the Saivian Android App has a system in place for tracking your receipt purchases from certain businesses and then paying you back at the end of every month. It’s like a bonus just for cooking dinner! Read on to see if the Saivian  android app may be a good fit for you.


Get Hooked Up

To get the process started, you can easily download the Saivian Android App. Once you have it on your device that is the first step to earning cash back and taking part in this membership based app.


Start Spending and Watch for the Savings

As you go through your normal, everyday life purchases, now you can be earning up to twenty percent back on those purchases. Each month you can select up to twenty businesses you routinely shop at as your stores of choice. Ten can be of your own choosing and ten must be from the preselected list of preferred businesses. You can choose from grocery stores, pharmacies, auto repair shops, retailers, electronic stores, some hotel and flight options and more. Basically, as long as the business has an actual brick and mortar store where customers can physically walk in, that business should be eligible to be applicable.


How to get your Cash Back Reward

Each month you will send in your receipts for processing. You can either take a picture with your phone or scan the receipts and email them in. There is no limit to the number of receipts you can send in each month. You may earn up to $250 in cash back rewards for each membership cycle. If you have earned over that amount, no worries. Any excess can be rolled over and applied to the next member cycle.


What if I am Unsure if this is right for me?

Saivian Android App is almost risk free to try. As long as you make your initial purchase with a credit card, you have 72 hours to request a refund. After that, you are free to cancel at any time. Even though this is a membership based app, there are no contracts or obligations. If at any point you decide you’ve changed your mind, you can simply go into your member page and request to cancel. You will be off the next membership cycle.


So why not see if you can use this method to pay yourself back at the end of every month? Getting some extra cash back is always a great way to wrap up one month and roll into the next.