Study: Losing your smart-phone more stressful than terror attack

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A new study in Great Britain shows losing a smartphone causes about the same level of stress for study participants as terror threats – higher than Brexit and moving to a bigger house, but lower than commute delays, having kids, and money problems, among other listed stressful events.
The study by The Physiological Society found that people stressed most about losing a loved one and that promotion and success at work caused the lowest levels of stress.
Other stressors ranked high on the list include money problems, new jobs, divorce, imprisonment, and planning a wedding.
Two thousand people in Britain were surveyed for the study, according to The Telegraph. Women reported higher stress levels than men for all of the events included in the study.
“The modern world brings with it stresses we could not have imagined 50 years ago, such as social media and smartphones,” Physiological Society Policy Committee Chair Dr. Lucy Donaldson said, The Telegraph reported.
Donaldson pointed out that women’s greater susceptibility to stress could have a significant impact on their health.
“While many people are aware of the effect of stress on mental wellbeing, it is also important to consider the impact on the body’s systems,” Donaldson continued. “When stress is prolonged, these effects on the whole body can result in illnesses such as ulcers or increased risk of heart attack.”


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