Why do we love — or hate — holiday music so much? An expert weighs in on the psychology connected to festive tunes

We haven’t even carved the Thanksgiving turkey yet, but already holiday songs are starting to play in some retail stores, restaurants, and homes all around.

But why exactly do we like the music so much? Or not at all?

She’s the so-called “Queen of Christmas,” and when Mariah Carey says it, her followers obey, falling out of the autumn spirit and into holiday cheer.

But it’s not just the pop star’s fans feeling the joy; it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over New York City.

The Winter Village at Bryant Park is already in full swing. There, holiday cheer is all around, and so is the music.

“It just, like, gets me in a holiday mood,” one shopper said.

According to the music software company Blòkur, there are nearly 50,000 songs with the word “Christmas” in them, and it seems everyone has their favorite holiday song.

“Bob Seger’s version of ‘Little Drummer Boy,” said Melissa Kelley, of St. Louis, Missouri.

“Adam Sandler’s Jewish holiday song,” Joanne Perahia said.

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