What Is Collagen And What Is It Good For?


One of the necessary substances found in the body. The word collagen came from the Greek word “kolla,” which means “glue” and “gen” means “producing.” Therefore, it translates as the glue that binds together as befitting to its purpose in our body. Collagen is a protein that performs an essential function in our body, as a building block for ligaments.



It is composed of smaller units called amino acids, strengthening and building muscles, cartilage skin, bones, and many more. Also, collagen serves as a protective covering of the kidneys and some other organs as well. You can find collagen in the digestive tract, between the vertebrae, skin, teeth, hair, and a lot more part of the body. To further Inform you, here are some of the good things that collagen does for us.


Keep Eyes Healthy

Your eyes are the first part of your body to experience aging. The reason for this is the skin around your eyes is thin, making it prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Diseases can also damage your eyes. To name a few are glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic, and macular degeneration. To avoid all these, you have to take vitamins that boost collagen production, such as vitamin C and A. Collagen gives the skin under your eyes support and density. It helps battle all eye-related diseases.


Helps Reduce Fine Wrinkles and Improve Skin Elasticity

As we grow old, collagen in our body decreases this causing our skin to sag and wrinkle. We need collagen, for it helps slow down skin aging by reducing wrinkles and dryness. Also, it helps give your skin structure and elasticity it requires to move and function healthily. Continuous intake of vitamin C and E and it’s derivatives aid in producing collagen fibers and elastin, thus making our skin healthy. Furthermore, avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Long term sun exposure can cause collagen and elastin to collapse and deteriorate. You can then help your skin look young by taking collagen supplements and also food containing collagen such as chicken and turkey, beef, and fish.

Improves Nails and Hair Growth

Every girls’ dream is to obtain voluminous hair and long fancy nails. However, some ladies are having nightmares by experiencing the opposite. Hair fall is one of those. There are various whys and wherefores for having a hair loss for both men and women. It might be because of stress, their hair care treatment, the hormonal changes, and some are hereditary. Whatever the reason might be, treatment and prevention should be taken care of to avoid these challenges.


Did you know that collagen helps hair growth and hair regeneration as it has a natural antioxidant? Collagen may be able to combat cell damage and slow graying due to its antioxidant properties. In fact, it can encourage the hair and nails to grow longer and faster than average. Collagen supplements can have other health benefits. It can also improve our nails’ wellness by taking collagen as it can enhance your nails’ strength by avoiding brittleness.


Helps with Digestion

We are not aware of the benefits of collagen and our digestive system, for most know it as anti-aging and joint health benefits. You should know that the glycine content of collagen has been established to help the growth of bifidobacteria. A good bacteria is responsible for assisting the digestion of food, fighting off harmful bacteria that cause diseases in the body. It also helps the absorptions of nutrients. Researches also found that glycine protects the intestine by fighting off swelling and inflammation.

We can conclude then that collagen is essential in aiding digestion but also in preventing the digestive tract from diseases.


Good for the Heart

Yes, you are reading it right! Collagen is not only for replenishing our skin and makes us glow gracefully. It also benefits our hearts. As a matter of fact, collagen is the primary load-bearing factor in the arterial walls. It is relatively extensive and acts as stiff reinforcement of the structural element. Those are the blood vessels that transport blood from your heart to the rest of the body. Without enough collagen, the arteries may become weak and delicate. In that case, having collagen in our bodies is a must. It is observed that it has several kinds of collagen out there for consumption. We commonly see this supplement’s pill-form type, but nowadays, collagen powder is in demand for those who love to mix it with their drinks. There is no difference between either of the two. Just be sure to choose the right brand and take it diligently but not excessively.


Strengthens Bones

Collagen is widely known as a supplement. However, only a few know that it is the building block of our body. The most abundant protein present in the body is collagen, which plays a crucial role in supplying strength and elasticity to connective tissues, which includes cartilage, bones, tendons, and ligaments.


Consumption of collagen supplements can significantly decrease the risk of bone disorders such as osteoporosis. It has the ability to help increase Bone Mineral Density and lower levels of protein in the blood that cause a bone breakdown. As we age, and our movements are continuous, our connective tissues are wearing out that causes pain and health issues. Collagen facilitates the development and regeneration of cartilage tissue and relieves joint inflammation and pain. It also improves the body’s collagen intake to maintain an active lifestyle. These collagen-related benefits work together to help you meet your health goals.


The bottom line here is that taking collagen has been so useful for us, not only for hair growth or skin elasticity but also for our overall body wellness. Although consumption of collagen supplements has a little bit of downside because its components contain food allergens such as fish and egg and have some side effects, like bloated feeling, collagen consumption can still be beneficial to us.

In addition to that, while many foods contain collagen, it is unknown if collagen in food has the same benefits as supplements. Collagen supplements are usually safe, easy to use, and certainly worth trying for its potential health benefits.

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