Ways Of Fixing Your Driveway Easily


The first thing people notice on entering our property is our driveway. They stand as a precursor of what you can expect from the house interior. Although first impressions last long and can determine the perception of onlookers about your home, we hardly levy enough attention to our driveways. But maintaining the driveway can be of great help in setting the right tone for the rest of your house and even add to its overall appeal. Read on to know about certain expert-approved tips for improving the look and feel of your driveway.

General Cracks

It is very common for four- to five-year-old driveways to develop surface cracks. Small ones usually don’t pose a big threat but can turn into a cause of concern if not addressed in time. The type of driveway material used in construction has a big role to play in determining the cracks which appear on the same. Concrete driveways, for example, are more prone to hairline cracks. You can seal these cracks easily using a sealant or asphalt crack sealing tape.

Alligator cracks, just as the name goes can render sleepless nights to homeowners by creating cracks resembling the scales of alligators. They look extremely grotesque and can expand over time for worsening your problem. But they occur in places where the concrete or asphalt is weak and can be fixed by resealing. You will have to remove the affected portions before resealing and leveling them.

Driveway Painting

One of the best ways of imparting a whole new look to your concrete driveway is applying a staining solution for which you will practically need a broom, driveway stain, paint roller, and paint tray. Primarily, you need to sweep off the driveway to remove all traces of dust and rubble. Next, you need to pour the paint on a paint tray and apply it on a roller. While applying the paint, work backward from the bottom up so that you don’t end up stepping on the work done already. Stains usually take around one day to dry up completely.

However, you need to go through the instructions properly as each type of stain is different than the other. Getting the paint job done in good weather can serve as a bonus by yielding great results. Water-based stains are preferable over their acid peers as the former offers a wider variety of color ranges. Painting concrete stain can be a bit difficult as it permeates into the concrete rather than just sitting on the surface. This assists the stain in actually fusing with the concrete.

Add A Dash Of Green

Impart a facelift to your driveway by putting in some plants around its sides. Just place some fresh grass seed and you can easily replace a typically barren area with lush greenery. For some heavy-duty garden work, you can plant thick bushes or trees around the driveway sides. However, in this case, you need to be cautious about root growth so that it doesn’t lead to general cracking by burrowing underneath the driveway.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing your yard takes just 15 minutes of your time. But it can make a really big difference to the appearance of your driveway which comes into contact with oils and dirt. You can get a pressure washer from your local hardware store or even rent one out as per your requirements.

Final Words

Driveways don’t stay smooth for a prolonged time. No one wants a driveway filled with craters and potholes. Apart from looking pathetic, it can also make it unsafe to travel at night and lead to water accumulations during the rainy season. However, following the above tips can help in adding to its beauty and efficiency.


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