The guide to the perfect valentines day


Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year. While guys often dread it, girls cherish it. The reason why a lot of guys dread this day is because of the insane pressure that it brings along with it. Girls have a lot of expectations from their boyfriends or partners. They want this day to be special for them and there’s nothing wrong with it. But often times, guys fail. Either they do too little or nothing at all.

So, in order for you to strike the perfect balance on this day, here’s a small list of Do’s and Don’ts:


1. Forget Valentine’s Day

Okay, this one’s a deal breaker. If you forget about the day itself, there’s nothing much left. You might as well just stop reading now. Girls love being appreciated. Valentine’s day is a celebration of love that has the power of making them smile all day. If you forget about it, you’re depriving them of that smile and you can’t really expect them to be too forgiving about that. This day is just as sacred to them as a birthday or anniversary.

2. Do too much

Yes, girls like being appreciated. But everything works as long as there’s a balance to it. If you really know your girl, you should just stick to the things that she likes. Some girls like extravagant surprises while others prefer a low-key affair. If you don’t know what she’d like for you to do, you just haven’t been paying enough attention to her. She’s probably giving you clues every now and then before Valentine’s Day.

3. Do too little

This is just as big a problem as doing too much. Just because your girl isn’t showing any visible signs of excitement for Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean that she isn’t expecting you to do something for her. If she’s into a low-key affair, do that. Do something intimate for her. Quality over quantity.


1. Involve her in the planning

If you’re planning on giving her a surprise, then by all means go ahead and plan a wonderful day for your partner by yourself. But, if you’re a couple that does everything together, why not involve her in planning a wonderful day for yourselves together? It’s a celebration of love. Your love. Therefore, it can be a great bonding exercise for both of you. Whether it’s a fancy dinner date followed by a wonderful gift or a night in with Netflix and takeout, followed by a gift – in the end, you’ll both have a good time.

2. Something thoughtful

Valentine’s day gifts don’t have to be expensive or fancy. Girls love it when guys do something thoughtful for them. Sure, a fancy gift can be great, too. But in the long run, it’s the small, thoughtful gifts that we really remember. Whether it’s a beautiful letter, a nice video collage, or a weekend away – it’s an experience that will always hold a special place in your hearts.

3. Pamper her

Pamper her with a breakfast in bed, followed by a session at her favorite salon or spa, and cute text messages leading up to the evening. Listen to her, pay attention to her, and make her feel like she’s your only priority. Doing small things like this will make her feel immensely happy and appreciative of you.


Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and this guide will help you get the best out of this day. Listen to her, pamper her, involve her, appreciate her, and everything will work like magic.


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