The Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

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Water is a natural resource that we probably all take for granted. We may well feel that it is abundant; however, it is a commodity that we should ensure we look after because it is vital to for all kinds of life on this planet, not least our own lives. 


We all need water to stay alive. Water makes up around sixty per cent of our bodies, and we need to keep this topped up as every cell in our body needs water in one way or another. While you may not particularly enjoy drinking water in its purest state, we need this to keep our bodies hydrated. It is crucial for the functions of so many of our organs, not least our brain and heart. Our muscles use water, and our skin can become unhealthy and dry if we do not have it. We need to be continually taking water in as we perspire and use water in so many bodily functions that we need to replace the water we have used throughout the day. 

Why Hydration Is Important To You 

We are constantly using water. Our bodies will use in a number of functions. It will keep your body from overheating, it will help you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as it helps to ensure that your blood is fully oxygenated. Without water, your organs will eventually go into shut down, and it will kill you. If you go without drinking for as little as three days, you will be risking your life. 

Hydration And Skincare

If you want your skin to look great, you will need to keep hydrated. Skin looks firmer and brighter when it is hydrated. Dry skin can often become flakey and may appear blotchy. If you want to appear healthy, then looking after your skin will help you out greatly,


One way to keep your skin hydrated is to use a gel or serum that includes hyaluronic acid. What is hyaluronic acid? You may well ask, this is a super hydrator that can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water. It is naturally occurring in our own bodies, and in many plants.


Applying skincare products which include hyaluronic acid is a great way of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. 


Drinking Water Reduces Thirst


Our bodies are designed to let us know when we are needing water. One of the first signs that you are getting dehydrated will be that you will start to get a dry mouth. Keeping on top of your water consumption will prevent your mouth from getting dry. It is also essential in keeping your teeth refreshed as drinking water can reduce the risk of getting cavities. 


Water Keeps Your Brain Sharp

There are a number of positive effects on your brain activity linked to drinking water. From reducing anxiety levels through to maintaining focus and attention. If you drink plenty of water, it is likely your mental processes will be able to work much better than if you are dehydrated. 


If you are not getting enough water, you are likely to suffer from headaches. You may find that you are constantly getting dull aches to your head, one explanation for this may be that you are not getting enough water. 


Water Flushes Your Body


Water is essential in keeping our bodies clean. Our kidneys process toxins that build up in our bodies and they will use water to push these out through our urine. A good test to see how hydrated you are will be to look at your urine, the darker the colour, the more likely it is that you need to drink more water as soon as possible. 


Without enough water, you will run the risk of urinary tract infections. You may also cause yourself damage to your kidneys over time. 

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

You should be aiming to drink around two litres of water each day. You may want to drink this with dilute added. However, you do need to be aware that caffeinated drinks will act as a diuretic and will have the opposite effect on your body than actually drinking water. 


One way of getting the necessary amount of water would be to carry a bottle of water with you are all times. Drinking little and often will ensure that you keep your levels topped up. Think about getting an environmentally friendly, reusable stainless steel water bottle that you can carry with you at all times. This will also save you from having to buy expensive bottled water when you are out and about. 


There are a number of health trackers on the market that can help you to keep tabs on the amount of water that you are consuming each day. 

Isn’t There An Infinite Supply Of Water?

It’s a common misconception that water will never run out. While we are surrounded by water as two-thirds of our planet is made up of it, much of this is saltwater and is therefore not suitable for drinking without undergoing a desalination process. Only a tiny fraction of the water on earth is safe for drinking. And, with pollution and other environmental factors at play, the amount of safe drinking water is rapidly on the decline. So much so, that it is estimated that within the next decade a quarter of the world’s population will not have access to safe drinking water anymore. 


With that in mind, remember that water is a finite resource and appreciate that you have access to it in your life. Try your best to avoid wasting it. Make sure that you turn your tap off and don’t leave the water running down the drain needlessly. If you can, try and shower instead of taking a bath. Making sure that you get enough water each day is vital, but you should also consider the needs of others and only use what you actually need and take care of this valuable resource. 


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