Study: ‘Celebrity-Inspired’ surgery is on the rise

(Daily Mail)

Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman are the most requested celebrity plastic surgery looks, a leading cosmetic expert has revealed.


Nurse Jamie Sherrill, the co-founder of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, California, told MailOnline that clients spend up to $100,000 in a bid to get the same facial features as the two screen stars.

But when it comes to the body, women request Gisele Bündchen’s supermodel figure while men opt for actor Channing Tatum’s buff pecs and abs, as seen in the 2012 film Magic Mike.


For those who can’t afford a full transformation, more focused procedures are an attractive alternative.

Nurse Jamie says that female patients usually ask for Angelina Jolie’s pillowly lips, Katy Perry’s porcelain skin, Keira Knightley’s chiseled jawline and Megan Fox’s feline eyes.


Meanwhile Beyonce has sparked interest in the arena of buttock implants, with fans bringing photographs of her sculpted derriere to consultations.


Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson is the main source of inspiration when it comes to men altering their jawlines.

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Women want Jennifer Aniston’s face and Beyonce’s butt. Men want Hugh Jackman’s jawline and chiseled abs.

According to a recent survey, 13 percent of facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests for celebrity procedures in 2014, up from 3 percent in 2013 and 7 percent in 2012.