Seventh Annual Holiday Dinner at The Pleasantville Cottage School From a troubled past to a future with hope!

The Salon on 794 Post Rd. in Scarsdale is hosting its 7th annual holiday dinner at The Pleasantville Cottage on December 10,2010 at 5:00pm. They will be celebrating and sharing the holidays with about 50 people including the children from the cottage, The Salon staff, The Pleasantville Cottage staff and the JCC Staff.

Located in Pleasantville, NY, The Pleasantville Cottage School works with children who suffer from social and emotional disorders. Dedicated to ensuring the well being of children from the New York Metropolitan area, The Pleasantville Cottage serves the educational needs of students, creating individualized education programs since 1971. Along with their partner the Jewish Community Center (, which provides services along with much needed support to Jewish children and their families, the school has a committed staff and faculty that work full time. The 300 children that are housed at the cottages are children who do not have families. These kids are troubled and come from troubled pasts. The Cottage School’s focus is to nurture these kids and help them feel wanted after facing abandonment.

The Salon would like to continue its tradition this year by providing delicious food entrees prepared by their very own staff here at The Salon.

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, The Salon will be accepting donations for Appetizers, Salad/Vegetables, Entrées, Dessert and Drinks. It is The Salon’s hope to give these children an evening of good, healthy food and fun holiday activities.

Michele Errico, Creative Director at The Salon said, “We are thrilled for The Salon to be involved in this worthy cause, and are blown away by the enthusiasm, caring and support that we’ve already seen from our clients, friends and families”.

For donations, more information or to attend the dinner you can call The Salon at 914-472-1800 , or visit The Salon is located at 794 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY. The Salon is a local leader in participating in the American Cancer Society and other grass-roots programs in the community. The Salon is available every day. To find out about specials and promotions, look up The Salon in Scarsdale on Google Places.