Replacing a Roof With Solar Panels: Understanding the Process




By 2024, an estimated 2.5% of American homes will have some type of solar panel installation.

Solar panels can save you thousands of dollars per year on bills. Solar power is renewable and clean power.

Keep reading to learn about the process of replacing a roof with solar panels.


Excited about getting solar panels for your roof? Let’s talk about factors that solar providers consider and the steps of installation.

Factors include the amount of roof damage and the roof’s age.

Roof Damage

An inspector will look at the condition of your roof to see if you’re qualified for solar panels.

You have to get your roof repaired or replaced if they find issues. The roof must be able to support the panels.

Damage to the structure of the roof is the most dangerous factor.

Other damages are missing or loose roof shingles and loss of shingle granules. Cracks in the roof can affect the waterproofing layer.

Roof Age

Even if your roof looks pristine, its age might prompt a replacement.

This depends on how old the roof is, what it’s made of, and the surroundings.

A roof made of certain materials may not have a long lifespan. The solar service provider might have you replace your roof.

Replacing a Roof with Solar Panels

After the approval for a solar panel roof, there are steps between installation.

The following is the process of getting solar panels on your roof.

1. Visit from Engineer

The visit from the engineer is separate from the inspection visit. Sometimes the engineer will skip the on-site visit and use pictures from the inspector.

The engineer looks at the electrical system of your house. If it’s not compatible with the solar energy system, you’ll have to upgrade it.

They also check the structure of the roof.

2. Paperwork

Paperwork for solar panels includes incentive applications such as federal rebates and SRECs.

You’re also required to have a building permit. The service provider will help you find the correct permit. They may even fill it out for you.

Paperwork goes through within 2 months.

3. The Order

Research different kinds of solar panels and inverters before deciding which to order. Your service provider will also offer suggestions.

Things to consider are cost, design, efficiency, and strength.

4. Installation

Installation can take up to 3 days.

The workers put down electrical wiring, fasten the racks to your roof, and put the panels on the racks. They’ll attach the inverters last.

5. Getting Approved

The system has to be approved before it can begin working.

A town government representative will check that everything was installed properly. Then, someone from the electric company will visit and do the same.

Going Solar

Replacing a roof with solar panels may be costly. However, it’ll cut back on bills and the energy is pollution-free.

The process could be lengthy, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Get closer to your dream home with a solar panel roof.


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