Planning your next trip? Avoid making money mistakes with these simple tips


If your holiday or travel adventure has been postponed until next year, then you’re probably feeling pretty deflated right now. However, despite the frustration and disappointment that comes with having your holiday moved, it means that you have more time to save and more time to learn how to keep your money safe.

There are lots of money mistakes that travelers make, which often leave them paying more than they should, not getting value for money or getting completely ripped off. Keeping your money safe and making the most of it means being vigilant and cautious with your spending, it also requires some simple planning.

Here we’ll take a look at the most common money mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Not sorting out your debts

Expecting a nice, relaxed travel adventure? As much as you’ll enjoy your break, your financial worries will still be waiting for you when you return. The sooner you sort out your debts and take on some simple advice, the more money you could potentially have to travel with. Speak with Creditfix today to discuss your current debt situation and gain back control of your finances before you head abroad.

Not creating a budget

While it might be exciting to jump on a plane with just a backpack and a sense of adventure, it’s incredibly short-sighted. There are lots of elements you need to plan if you’re traveling or vacationing, and your budget is one of them. A travel budget will ensure that you know how much you have to spend and that you get to make the most of your time away from home.

Getting your travel money at the airport

No. Just don’t. Waiting until the last possible moment to exchange your money and using the services provided at the airport means you’re not going to get the best rate and you’ll start your travels on the backfoot. These vendors know that your choices are limited so they don’t bother providing the very best rate for desperate travelers who’ve left it to the last minute.

Saving money on insurance

You wouldn’t be the first traveler who thought they’d save money on their travels by boycotting travel insurance. Sadly, you wouldn’t be the first traveler to regret it either. When you don’t insure yourself or your trip then you won’t be compensated for lost luggage, the cancellation of your flights, the loss of your holiday, or any injuries you sustain overseas.

And finally, not changing your money back

If you return home and you have a substantial amount of foreign currency left over, don’t put it in your piggy bank or place it in your kitchen drawer and forget about it. Make sure you change it back and put your leftover money back into your account. Yes, those duty-free prices are incredibly tempting and I’m sure your great aunt would appreciate a large bottle of vodka at a cheap price, however, the money could be better spent elsewhere. Like on another trip!


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