NYC Subway Mosaic Tours Spring/Summer 2019

Do you know there are over 400 mosaics installed on subway platforms in the five boroughs of New York City?  Spend a day in the Big Apple with professional mosaic artist, Cathleen Newsham, and discover this immense underground museum with the largest collection of mosaics in North America.
Upcoming Spring & Summer dates are:

Tuesday, April 9th

Saturday, March 30th

Saturday, June 1st

Saturday July 13th

Saturday, Sept. 14th

If you go to this page,  just click on the date you would like to go and it will take you to the signup page.

A message from Cathleen:  Eight years ago, when I was commissioned to create my own version of a Coney Island subway mosaic in a Manhattan family’s bathroom, I began my discovery of this immense underground museum with the largest collection of mosaics in North America.

I’ve taken thousands of photographs of these amazing works and lead many artists, students and enthusiasts through the vast NYC transportation network to view these underappreciated works of art.  As a professional mosaic artists, I will be explaining the process of how the mosaics were designed, fabricated and installed, giving participants insight into the complex process of creating a smalti mosaic.

There is a minimum of 8 people to hold the tour, and a maximum of 16, so sign up today and join us for a private and technical look at these masterpieces!

*Please be aware that we will be using stairs to access some of the subway platforms, which can be physically strenuous for some participants.

To see Cathleen’s Coney Island Mosaic and find out more about her, you can go to this link on this website:

Hope you can make it!
Cathleen Newsham
Modern Mosaic Arts

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