Lockdown Mental Health: Things You Can Do To Relax

The untold misery of lockdown for millions of people is, the added stress and anxiety being locked indoors is causing. So many of us are not able to live our normal lives, not even able to work from home. The clocks slower, the seconds go by like minutes and minutes like hours. One would think that we could use this time to do something productive but since we can’t even go out for leisure, what else is going to happen but cause more stress? It’s natural to feel anxious and worried. More and more people are expressing their mental health concerns on social media. Health experts are also using the same platforms to spread words of wisdom and showing people how to relax while stuck indoors.

Befriend your garden

We may not be allowed to go for a walk or a run, but at least we can stay outdoors in our gardens. Take a look outside your back window and see what kind of things you would like to have. Would you like more pink flowers? Maybe you have been wanting to grow some vegetables but haven’t had the time to do so. Do you want a tall plant or something like a sunflower? You should order seeds and young plants online, have them delivered to your home and begin to create a nice place for you to relax. Gardening during this lockdown will also give you a goal, so you get up every morning with something new to do. It’s also soothing to be around nature, enjoying the springtime sun outside and working your way towards completing a project you set yourself.

Natural relaxants

Green tea is known to have many beneficial properties that are needed right at this moment. Not only is it able to clean your gut and stomach, to give you a better digestive system, it can also perform as a relaxant. The purer the green tea is, the more your body and mind will be calmed. It also has a plethora of antioxidants, far more than many other natural drinks like green smoothies. This makes your skin feel more plump, hydrated and allows for all those nasty toxins to be flushed away.

Another green and natural relaxant is fruity loops weed. A survey taken by 400-plus people shows that 76% of people felt relaxed, 60% said they felt happier, around half of them were more uplifted after taking this product. Everything should be taken in moderation, but this could be a part of your weekend relaxing routine.

Draw your dream

When was the last time you had a great dream? A dream that made you feel happy and comforted? It would be brilliant if you could bring this dream to life, wouldn’t it? That is why you should take the time to draw the images in your mind that you had during this dream. You could pin the picture up on your fridge or door, so you are reminded of something that makes you feel grounded.

The lockdown is tough on everyone. But more for those that have mental health concerns. These are some of the things you should engage in for the sake of your well being.

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