Lifestyle Expert, Meredith Staggers, Shares Practical Tips Ahead of National Parents Day


With National Parents Day around the corner, it is the perfect time for people to celebrate the positive parental roles models in their lives and acknowledge the special bond between parents and their children. Meredith Staggers, Founder, and Owner of Cake & Confetti, shares some of her tried and true “life hacks” to de-stress any parent while making sure the kids are still having fun.

“Oftentimes parents might not have an extra pair of hands and they resort to easy ways to maintain some peace and silence; like allowing the kids to spend time on an iPad, but this can be unhealthy for children down the line,” says Meredith Staggers. “Understanding that time is of the essence, there are a variety of ways to optimize those tasks that just always seem to add up.”

Meredith Staggers provides parents with practical tips to help parents make their day easier:

  • Keep The Kids Busy. Sometimes you need alone time, but you can’t leave your kids alone. Keep them entertained by allowing them to draw on a cardboard box or play with interactive toys such as Legos or Play-Dough. Another fun option is to coordinate a scavenger hunt around the house for an in-depth and brain-stimulating adventure.
  • Make Snack Time Fun. Make snack time more enjoyable by arranging colorful foods and fruits on a plate to resemble your child’s favorite TV character. Drawing funny faces on the shells of hardboiled eggs is another fun and creative idea. Take advantage of the recent bento lunch boxes trend by cutting fruits into small pieces and adding cute toothpicks to show your love. Another great alternative is to give the kids vitamins in gummy form like L’il Critters D3 gummy vitamins – perfect for any picky eater!
  • Set Aside Time to Tidy Up. Playtime is necessary for kids, but the messy aftermath can drive parents nuts! You will be sure to thank yourself later if you schedule out time to clean during the day, even if it is just a few minutes. Keep the playroom tidy by placing a clear shoe storage bag, installing a rod with buckets, or magnetic knife strips to hang up toys.
  • Wash Clothes Smarter, Not Harder. Where do all those socks disappear to? Make sure to never run into this problem again and wash small children’s socks together in a laundry bag. As you’re coming back from the park, pack an extra shirt for yourself in case your baby vomits on you in public, or your child gets dirt on you. It’s best to throw all of the dirty clothes straight into the laundry room and use a laundry detergent that powers out these pesky stains and emits a fresh scent – I recommend these two laundry detergents from Arm & Hammer: Odor Blasters and Sensitive Skin, Free & Clear.
  • Let The Kids Help You. If you are cooking or cleaning, let your kids assist you with a simple role like setting the table or sorting the laundry. Involving them in your household chores helps children learn more about what they need to do to care for themselves and provides a sense of responsibility. It is a win, win situation – just make sure you’re giving them a role that they can handle!
  • Thinking of growing the family? Although kids can be a ton of work, they can bring so much joy and light to a parent’s life. When you think you might be pregnant, the sooner you find out, the better – keep First Response Early Result pregnancy tests close by since they can detect pregnancy six days sooner than the first day of your missed period.

“A happy child is a happy parent! Dedicate time and attention in the activities and food you’re providing your family, so they grow up to be fit and strong.” adds Staggers.

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