How To Find Best Type Of Mattress For Every Family Member


If you have a family of your own, you will probably have to factor in every family member when making important decisions—and that includes buying mattresses for everyone in the family. But buying mattresses is not a one-size-fits-all kind of transaction, so you need to figure out what mattresses would suit each of your family members the most.

Here are some ideas on how you can find the right mattress for every family member’s sleeping needs:

It Starts With Mom And Dad

Couples usually opt to buy either a king-sized mattress or a queen-sized mattress, especially if they have only recently started to live together. Though buying these kinds of mattresses can be rather expensive, it’s more beneficial to pay for quality at the start because, most likely, a quality mattress will last for years. A king-sized mattress generally measures 76” x 80”, while a queen-size mattress measures 60” x 80”. If mom and dad are both tall and wide in the mid-section, it makes sense to invest in a king-sized mattress first to make sure both fit on the bed.

Then Kids Come Along

A couple who is planning to start a family together will probably need to factor in the cost of buying mattresses for each child they have. When buying mattresses for kids, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the baby have their own small crib at the start? Or will they be sleeping in between mom and mad?
  • Will each child eventually have their own bedroom?
  • Will each child be given their own bed?

These are just some important considerations you need to make even before mom gets pregnant. So take time to plan for such expenses even when mom and dad are still thinking of buying their own large mattress for the master bedroom.

Leave Room For Expansion

Kids grow up really fast and what may seem like the perfect mattress when they were 3 years old will look like a doll’s bed as kids shoot up in height over the years. To make sure your child will still have a quality mattress to sleep on, invest in a twin-sized mattress right from the start. A twin-sized mattress will measure 38” x 75”. If your children grow tall for their age, you might want a Twin XL mattress instead as this measures 38” x 80”. Make sure your child has enough space in their bedroom so that it will be easy to bring in the mattress you choose.

Researching mattress sizes and looking at guides from websites like can help you make the right decision.

Be Picky About Materials Used In Making Your Mattress

It pays to be picky when buying a mattress for your family because it is such a big investment and one that will really affect your family’s health. Traditional mattresses nowadays generally come in three variants: innerspring mattresses, soft memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses. There are also futon mattresses, water-bed mattresses, and air-filled mattresses, which are less commonly used but still good choices if you can afford them.

Consider Other Factors When Choosing The Best Mattress

Your choice should be dictated by the following factors:

  • Comfort: Is the mattress comfortable enough to induce sleep?
  • Sensitivity of the Sleeper to Materials Used: Is any member of the family possibly allergic to the materials in the mattress?
  • Size: Are you buying the logical size of mattress for the intended occupant of the bed?
  • Pricing: Will you be paying the right price for the mattress you need? Can you pay for it in installments?
  • Warranty Offered by the Manufacturer: Does the manufacturer offer a comprehensive warranty? What terms are being offered? Does the retailer have a “full refund policy” in case the mattress is defective in some way?


A mattress is one of the bigger investments parents have to pay for when starting a family. However, the cost is offset by the relaxing sleep your family will get if you buy the right mattress that all of you need. Pay attention to the sizes of the many kinds of mattresses available out there so that you get the right length and width for a family member. Take into account factors like comfort and sensitivity to the materials inside the mattress and covering so that no one develops an allergic reaction and will be able to sleep well.

The price is also an important factor so be sure to ask if you can pay for your mattress in installments. Always ask if the manufacturer offers a comprehensive warranty for the purchase, and the retailer might also have a “full refund policy” should the mattress you buy have defects, so you can get your money back.  Just like the best mattress, there is
also the Best place to buy a mattress. It should not only provide flexible payment
options it should also make it easy for you to explore all the options and place your order.

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