Guide To Ionic Hair Dryers: The Healthier Way To Blowdry?

Elchim-blow-dryerAccording to the styling industry, everyone who’s anyone has an ionic hairdryer these days. Selling like hot cakes every year, manufacturers claim that an ionic hairdryer is superior to its traditional counterpart. According to the spiel, ionic hairdryers keep your tresses healthier – something we all dream about, when it comes to the damaging effect of hot tools. But is there truth behind the marketing?

Expect to shell out anything between $30 and hundreds of dollars, if you buy into the beauty science. Some people rave about how ionic hairdryers have changed their lives, and others remain quietly sceptical about the discrepancy in pricing. Just how effective is this technology?

How Do Ionic Hairdryers work?

Ionic hairdryers send negative ions to the positive ions in wet hair, supposedly breaking down water quickly and sealing moisture into the cuticles. Your usual, bog-standard hair dryer produces only positive ions.

What Types Are Available?

Metal, ceramic, and tourmaline. Tourmaline is the most expensive to purchase, as it’s made from crushed gems and emits the most negative ions. Ceramic is considered the next best thing, as it heats hair evenly, and causes less damage.

Benefits of Ionic Hairdryers

According to many, ionic hairdryers result in less frizz and boosts shine. It’s thought that the negative ions work with, not against, the water and result in a shorter drying time. Those with smooth and straight hair will benefit the most from an ionic hairdryer.

But Does It Really Work?

Many people will shout the virtues of ionic hairdryers until the cows come home, but others are not so convinced. Scientists aren’t persuaded that the technology actually works; even going as far as to say that the ionic treatment wouldn’t have the desired outcome, as water is already ionic. Also, if you can pay anywhere between £30 and £300 for an ionic hairdryer, just how effective can it be?

According to Good Housekeeping Institute, in a study of ionic and normal hair dryers, ionic models took just as long to dry hair as non-ionic. However, they did agree that ionic hairdryers cause a shinier appearance.

However, if you believe there’s enough evidence to support the use of an ionic hair dryer, it’s well worth the investment – anything to further protect your tresses from hot tools. If the ionic hairdryer truly reduces drying time, then you’ll save on electricity too!

Regardless of which hairdryer you go for, always remember to protect your hair from heat with the use of hair oil or thermal spray. Where possible, ditch your dryer altogether and just air dry your tresses. When you do blow dry, always leave your hair slightly moist and not bone dry.

Try wrapping your hair up in a cotton towel, so the fabric absorbs some of the excess moisture, instead of rubbing your strands, which can cause breakages and damage. There’s only so much a high quality hair dryer can do, if you practice poor general hair care, so focus on that before you pay big bucks for an ionic hair dryer.

Ava is a freelance journalist who specialises in beauty and lifestyle. Click here for Elchim ionic dyers and get your hair care right for special events.

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